DWQA QuestionsCategory: Spirit MeddlersWhat is the cause of my client’s son pursuing a transgender orientation? How can we best help him?
Nicola Staff asked 7 months ago

This is a complex situation, as you saw intuitively, that he is actually a person with a feminine soul orientation. This was a planned lifetime to experiment with gender but is now being regretted. The interlopers, unfortunately as often happens, are fanning the flames to worsen things greatly in adding to confusion and a good deal of fear as well about what this all means and is typical for people with gender mismatches between their biologic housing and their inner feelings and yearnings. So this being the case, this individual is more in alignment with a normal course of things and what is wanted than for most with a gender dysphoria that comes about through a manipulation of the inner workings to cause a mismatch that is disconcerting and complicates the life in many ways. While this will not be without its uncertainties and its demands on those involved for understanding, compassion, and acceptance, it is possible to make an accommodation emotionally and mentally to the situation and make the most of it.

There is a strong overlay of manipulation by interlopers as well who always prey on people by pushing their buttons, so to speak, and stirring up fear about anything they see as a point of vulnerability in their host, and this will reward them with greater emotional energy they can siphon away for themselves. So removing these intruders will be a blessing and some careful coaching will help to encourage acceptance and a positive attitude about the current state of affairs—it is simply a consequence of the complexities of life in things being less than perfect in the execution, despite careful planning. That is not a failing in any respect, it is simply what has happened due to the strength of energies involved in the soul makeup coming to the fore, and that is not something that can simply be canceled or overridden simply because it would be convenient.

In this case, there is not truly a mismatch in terms of the inner yearnings and the true orientation of the soul, and that is a lesser problem when it comes to gender issues that cause a struggle. We would say there is nothing needing change, only love and support, and encouragement for her to find the best path to happiness. This may involve some trial and error but she is on the right track already, knowing where she belongs and the orientation that gives a true alignment with her self‑identity.