DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaWhat is the mechanism of soul fragment exchange? Is that simply the formation of a cording from the soul fragment and deposition of a corresponding thought form? Please give us a tutorial to better explain what takes place for our deeper understanding.
Nicola Staff asked 4 weeks ago
You are seeing this with precision, intuitively, that it is not an actual exchange of fragments per se but a fragmentation of a soul wound is taking place and this results in the sending of a cord to the causal agent of that soul wound, to deposit a thought form corresponding to the energy of the wound as a karmic message and call to action. The perpetrator, in response, will most often send a return cording to their victim and this creates a karmic loop of involvement and will facilitate the karmic interplay with healing needed to set things right, eventually. In the meantime, this will cause rumblings for both parties that could renew a battle as easily as a search for meaning and overcoming discordant energies. But this explains why soul fragments originate and have a consequence, and how the healing obtained through the Lightworker Healing Protocol and Deep Subconscious Memory Reset are the best suited to bring things back into alignment. They will take care of this phenomenon on all levels, doing effective soul repair, dissolving the cords, and healing the thought forms they give rise to, and that will removing inner roadblocks keeping those involved from being more fully in divine alignment. There will be cordings to the akashic records generated as well, because the soul wound is a significant karmic event and thus necessitates being recorded in the akashic records. The akashic records will, in turn, from the energetic signature registered by the cording from a soul fragment, send a new cording to all involved in the karmic exchange resulting in soul fragmentation. So there will be a dual stimulus to reckon with soul fragments for all parties involved.