DWQA QuestionsCategory: Allan KardecWhat was the mission of Allan Kardec in his incarnation and what did he accomplish?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

His mission and role as a lightworker was to become intrigued with and then a champion of the notion that paranormal phenomena, like psychic ability and mediumship of psychics enabling them to talk with spirits, were not only worthy of scientific study but an important clue to the nature of the afterlife and was thus probing directly one of the chief lines of evidence that human beings, indeed, live on after death of the body. The fact that, in most cases, mediums were connecting to spirits who were earthbound and may even have been attached to other humans in the living rather than piercing the veil to talk with those in the higher astral plane of heaven does not take away from the reality it is the consciousness of individuals that has survived their demise. He was instrumental in convincing many, of the reality of spirit phenomena and intrigued many, to follow this notion and become involved in getting firsthand experience with séances and interacting with psychic mediums personally in the attempt to connect with loved ones, and so on.

In the course of such investigations, you, as Kardec, became convinced that not all of the information solicited was completely trustworthy and could be taken at face value because it became clear that there were mischief-makers and even quite harmful spirits with malevolent intentions, and so he pieced together a good perspective about the nature of the spirit realm as discernable through those means. Although he was not promoting healing strategies and perceiving the full consequences of spirit possession, except in quite extreme circumstances where there was a visible and dramatic alteration of thoughts and behavior that represented a clear liability, as you have found out, there are many, many subtleties and indirect influences that are quite significant and serious in their own right for which people do not make any conscious connection with the possibility of meddling spirits attached to the person as being responsible. That awareness you have developed, along with a highly detailed Protocol for their removal, is a blessing as other practitioners getting divine help for this have not been as thorough and rigorous as you in your scientific approach and have missed a number of important complications that limit the success of most other practitioners. You have learned, through your diligence, the many complicating factors and procedures needed in tough cases to ensure success with complete spirit removal as well as healing the aftermath for the consequences of the prior manipulations—that alone is a signal advance and achievement.

In many respects, the work of Kardec became quite important in its influence because, in founding the Spiritist Movement, he fostered the awareness of these phenomena for multiple generations that have lived since his passing, and there are few lightworkers who can make such a claim as a consequence of their turn at life in the physical wanting to help the cause of the divine. To put the interest and study of reincarnation on the map was of equal value because it is that very interest and continued gathering of evidence, mostly anecdotal, that you found intriguing, coming on the scene in your current life, because the seeds were planted to reawaken within you the prior mission and your current one, decided while you were still in the light before being born, to further unravel the mysteries of living multiple lives and the consequences that ensue.

So Kardec’s contribution was of great value and historical importance for shaping a greater likelihood of subsequent generations to take such phenomena seriously, and this spurred many subsequent individuals to probe things further and to take personal accounts much more seriously than would otherwise be the case, and this kept alive the line of thought and inquiry in stimulating much additional attention and research by many thousands of individuals. That body of effort and the human intention fueling it has lived on within the collective consciousness and assisted many to further widen the inquiry and make contributions adding to the knowledge base, all of which became inspiration for you again, on your return, to continue the explorations in a productive fashion.