DWQA QuestionsCategory: Higher SelfYou have told us that it is not possible for a person to channel their higher self directly via deep trance hypnosis because of the state of disconnection suffered by human beings in general. However, the higher self will know what the person is thinking and can also impulse things to the person via the subconscious mind. That being the case, can a series of questions be posed to the higher self, particularly when done in a hypnotic trance state, and useful impulsed guidance received and perceived accurately enough to be useful, at least by some people?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

This is very much the case. This is how the normal interplay takes place with the higher self being suppressed in all human beings to a fairly significant degree. It takes a well‑preserved intuitive reach to have communication via channeling, and in most cases, it will not reach the higher self, but an imposter. This is because the higher self does reside in divine realm, so it is much less accessible to the channeler than lower level beings. So the idea of being able to receive information is not misguided and in fact happens for people on a regular basis through insights, inklings, flashes of intuitive awareness, a gut feeling, hunches, and so on, as these various terms apply here to the ability to receive knowings and ideas from higher self. It is just that the fidelity will be less than perfect and will not be robust enough to have a true conversation, but that does not mean the exercise is without merit. Whatever is perceived may well be accurate and may adequately capture the general outlines of what a person most wants to know but will be a far cry from what can be done by a valid channeler working through Creator to make the connection.