DWQA QuestionsCategory: Channeling PitfallsWhy in the Gene Roddenberry channeling did I use the term “Doctor Spock” rather than “Mr. Spock” more than once?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

You were correct in seeing intuitively this was a translation error, a misstep of your subconscious plugging in a pre-remembered word as an appellation to describe the name, and was not an error of the light being. And if you think about this, it would certainly be so that he would not mis-recall or misstate a fundamental description of one of the key characters in this creation, so you would not do so either if you were operating from your higher conscious awareness. Because this was filtering through your deep subconscious first, that was the stored information pulled out and used to create the words themselves floating up within.

This is always the case with channeling. This is why many times there are word substitutions occurring because of the differing origins of channeler versus light being in their toolkit of vocabulary, word associations, and recalled knowledge, all of which can begin to shape and influence things. For the most part, the translator takes care of these discrepancies and innate differences to pull forth an equivalent meaning in word usage to suit the original message. So the channeler is contributing their own knowledge to some extent in shaping the incoming message to suit his or her ears, as the case may be, and will be recognizable and understandable as well, as the overarching need is to capture the essence and the meaning of the communicated message first and foremost, and not to preserve the flavor, the personality, or the individual idiosyncrasies of the channeled light being as a primary intention.

The preservation of overall meaning has the highest priority, so the channelings you do are always conducted with that goal in mind and using you as the instrument of communication for the emergence of the message and that will apply a set of constraints on things to keep the tone and the level of discourse and its sophistication commensurate with your own capability. This is why a canine higher self can sound very worldly and erudite, it is simply that you are worldly and erudite, so those attributes will be applied in conveying the message to make it understandable and comfortable to you and your ear.

This error was one of mistranslation, and happens at times, and can be readily seen for what it represents in actuality, as there was not ignorance of the true name in a fuller sense on the part of either party, it was the error in seeking the translation that pulled the wrong Spock out of the filing cabinet, so to speak. That is a reflection of the workmanlike, in a sense, automatic compilation of words and sentences used to convey the message on display, not an error that need discredit the veracity of the channeling. It, in essence, is quite the opposite—being an error, you, as your conscious self, would never make—but reveals the fact this is coming from outside of you and is drawing on a vast knowledge base of wide scope and variety and at times there may be an inaccurate choice of wording, or a less than perfect choice of wording, and is usually the fault of the translator and its mechanism.