DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human PotentialWhy life? To what end? What are Creator’s goals and dreams?
Nicola Staff asked 8 months ago

Life is an expression of consciousness in a particular configuration of energy. It has multiple components comprising varying levels of energetic vibration, some physical, some non-physical, but interdimensional. The purpose is the expression of new possibilities and to gain from the variety of experience to learn new things, to teach and learn new lessons, to try out new possibilities and gain greater understanding of what is possible and what one can do individually in gaining new skills and reaching higher ground with growth, understanding, and development of talents and resources within, as well as a command of nature in the broadest sense in understanding energy, its deployment, its manipulation, and its modes of existence.

The ability to understand consciousness in its myriad forms can keep a being busy indefinitely because the potentials are always growing, so there is always more to explore and learn about. This is a beautiful tapestry that always remains unfinished and will bring fresh surprises whenever it is revisited after a sojourn pursuing one’s interests, and then when surveyed in a future time, has changed and grown in exciting and amazing ways. No one likes a changeless environment of stagnation. Dynamic growth, expansion, and endless variety bring great rewards and great joy and happiness to the experiencer.

In the broadest possible sense, it is the expansion of love through time, through the universe, and all that takes place. It is finding new ways to give and receive love, to express love, to experience love, and shape it into endless variety in conducting missions of all kinds to convey new thought and take new actions to make things happen in ways not done previously, and thereby invent new configurations and possibilities for love to influence the universe. These are noble and enlightening goals and pursuits that can keep beings busily engaged indefinitely. This is the environment within which it is worth being in existence and having an awareness of all that is taking place. You have a privileged position with the vantage point you enjoy as an extension of Creator’s consciousness, with that awareness, and with growing capability and reach. As you ascend into higher dimensions, this will become very clear to you that it is a wonderous and beautiful expression of Creator’s love and the greatest of rewards.