DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human PotentialIs my higher self or Creator determining if or when I develop intuitive ability? If someone really wants to become more intuitive, is this something they have any individual control over?
Nicola Staff asked 1 month ago

It is the interlopers who are limiting you and that is a karmic quandary and not a human failing or fault. You have been downgraded as a member of the human community. You can ask for help from the higher self and Creator both to expand your intuitive reach and, to the extent this is possible for you, will be granted. That is the best one can do because this is a divine level problem needing correction and is part and parcel of all that is wrong with your world and the disconnection from higher realms you suffer. It is not just an extra skill that has potential value, it is your link with your origin and destiny that has been impaired, and this is a grave corruption of your being that was done to you as a member of the human race long, long ago. You are simply working in the current human genomic template that was downgraded by the Extraterrestrial Alliance and further corrupted by dark spirit possession over many thousands of years now, so this is no small thing to undo, it is taking the entirety of the Shift in Conscious Enterprise to approach the problem and begin to make inroads.


Time will tell how far this can go and how much progress is feasible. This depends on the ability of humans to work together as a collective in reaching out to the divine realm because of the interdependence of human experience and the karmic entanglement you have with other humans as well as your perpetrators. There is a karmic history and a karmic stake in all that happens and this is not simple to just wash away, it is a much more complicated issue than simply finding the right way to go about it independently.