DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine CautionWill giving instructions to teach humanity to use remote viewing be used to ensnare and program people?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago
This is very much the case. As you have relayed, any intuitive outreach not done with divine protection is fraught with peril because there will always be dark beings noticing you and will move to do a handshake, engage with you, and then want to manipulate you for their own dark aims. They may well present themselves falsely as a kind of imposter pretending to be a being like you want to reach, but this will be a lie and will ensnare you in a trap. You will be manipulated to become ever more compliant and this will dull your senses to keep you constrained in a kind of holding action, in effect, a kind of prison of the mind, bending to their will with some kind of make-work project that might keep you busy but accomplish nothing. In this case, anyone following these recommendations, if at all able to mount an intuitive reach, will be met with extraterrestrial responses telepathically to program them and will be part of the mind control effort in support of Disclosure intended to disempower you and destroy you.