DWQA QuestionsCategory: PrayerA viewer asks: “Source Creator, how should I dispose of various crystals in my possession? Is there any specific method required for those known to attract dark energies such as Selenite, Black Tourmaline, and Obsidian? What about disposing of less powerful or less harmful crystals? Are they safe to enjoy for their beauty alone?”
Nicola Staff asked 6 months ago

The important thing to understand here is you are not powerless when you have Creator working on your behalf to help with those things that are not within reach as a physical human. You can be protected from any and all such crystals by making a prayer request to your spirit team, Creator included, to shield any negativity that could be harmful employing those crystals in any way by any outside force. This, of course, depends on one’s belief quotient. So if you think your belief could be shaky, the best recourse would be to divest yourself of any questionable sources of negative energy as you have recounted. That can be done simply by returning them to nature, ideally in a location where they will not likely be found readily, by another human who becomes a potential victim if the crystals are programmed to seek human targets and convey distortions or manipulations.

So rather than make distinctions among the vast array of mineral substances, you can think of things from the natural environment as simply reflecting their origin and their potential consequences in terms of your personal vulnerability. But even if you are standing strong, members of your family might not be. You can speak for them. So again, we would suggest you include protection of your family members as well using a protection prayer. But the general issue of risk factors is a complicated question because there are so many varied forms of natural minerals. This is why we think a general guideline, as we have given, is highest and best. Few will take the time to find or explore a dictionary or glossary of minerals and their properties. They will be fortunate if they recall this exchange and know that such things can be a hazard but divine protection can be the answer, and is a universal solution when belief is in place.