DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolYou told us that there will always be an ongoing need for practitioners of the Lightworker Healing Protocol because of the attrition of the population, so there will be a place for practitioners on a permanent basis. Why is that the case, if we are now requesting that Protocol sessions be done over, and over, and over again which include a request for all of humanity and all troubled spirits to be addressed? Won’t that take care of the newly created earthbound spirits in the future as they fail to transition? What am I missing in understanding?
Nicola Staff asked 9 months ago

What you are not seeing is we wish to have a large accumulation of healing requests in the bank, so to speak, so the work will be ongoing at a very high level based on the prior requests. The more, the better, because the need may grow precipitously if there is a major assault on humanity. Even in the buildup phase, there will be increased strain on living through a series of calamities that are planned to happen. This will cause much social unrest and will cause financial turmoil and disruption in services and supplies of consumer goods. When accompanied by natural disasters, there will be a heavy death toll—this is what is planned to happen.

To work on this, we need the greatest amount of human intention behind the outreach to divine realm to counteract this. So while there are many repeat sessions underway, there will be a very large level of intention by the Extraterrestrial Alliance behind their plans for worsening human culture and survival. That is the ongoing contest after all, so it is better to have much in the way of healing requests in the bank, so to speak, to prepare for this possibility—that is why we do not want to see any reduction in effort. At the present time, the advice remains, “the more, the better,” in terms of healing sessions launched.