DWQA QuestionsCategory: High Level Psychic Attacks, CursesA practitioner asks: “Karen Oberdiear was a child actor and was in the movie The Omen (Damian Omen II). The Omen was about the antichrist as a kid, then teenager in the seventies. Karen died in a small plane crash, in 2009, I think. There is a bit of folklore attached to The Omen movies, known as “The Omen Curse.” There have been several deaths of people associated with the making of The Omen movies, including plane crash deaths. Though it occurred decades after the release of the movies, could Karen’s death at 47 years old be a result of the so-called Omen Curse?”
Nicola Staff asked 1 week ago

This is very much the case as odd as it seems. This has been a reality owing to the importance of motion pictures in shaping public opinion and human thought in general. Many iconic feature films have within them important programming seeds implanted in the screenplays themselves as well as in the reshowing. There can be much additional subliminal subconscious programming orchestrated to drive many dark messages home, deep within the minds of the viewers. To this end, anything involving the supernatural, which can be a source of fear, is often further exploited for both programming purposes of manipulation as well as to create a kind of exaggerated fear among the public about certain phenomena. That is certainly true in the case of those things describing dark spirits and their doings.


This series of films has been used as a focus of a propaganda campaign. A number of individuals associated with the productions have met with misfortune and this has been chronicled because of its unusual frequency. This is the work of the Extraterrestrial Alliance in ramping up fear and creating this very association, and tragic events, to make people afraid of what dark spirits can do. This serves them, as you know, because of the ongoing collusion with dark spirits to plague humanity in many, many ways. So this is an example of their use of targeted killings to create an association of evil around the whole subject and this will prime people for greater vulnerability.