DWQA QuestionsCategory: PrayerA client asks: “And what is the most efficient and effective method the human family can employee en masse to drive ET away from Earth?”
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

To involve the majority or totality of humanity in the enterprise, this would mean prayer as the vehicle of deliverance and, in fact, if you could get the entire world praying for a divine solution to the extraterrestrial manipulation ongoing with the world and its people, the divine realm could clean things up rather quickly. This is what has been missing, that fewer and fewer people are turning to prayer, and so few people know there is a problem with extraterrestrials and dark spirits that even when they do pray, they are not asking for the right things.

This shortfall is counterbalanced nicely by the Lightworker Healing Protocol by taking advantage of the various amplification steps it contains to increase the leverage of the work by the individual practitioners. It can go a long way to make up the difference from having so many people still oblivious to what is truly needed. That is the only combination of things that can allow the divine realm to do what is needed to end the madness. If humans fall short, it is they who will suffer and that is why this entire saga is a test of their ability to maintain a spiritual focus and not be tempted by trivial diversions or selfish concerns and the appeal of gaining power over others. These are the pitfalls that produced the darkness in the first place. The beings serving them were all corrupted and lost the ability to love. So the only thing left is personal gain they can relate to, and lack compassion and the ability to love entirely.