DWQA QuestionsCategory: Subconscious MindA client asks: “Every month or so I have a nightmare where I know I’m sleeping and I feel entities trying to get into my mind or my being (I think this is something that has happened since I was a little girl). But ever since you did a clearing on me, I seem to be experiencing this more often. While I’m sleeping, I am aware of them … and feel like they are trying to enter my being. I try to scream and yell for my mother …. but I feel frozen or paralyzed and it takes everything I have to keep them away. It’s very difficult to find my voice but eventually, I do and I wake myself up screaming and yelling for my mother. At that point, I’m usually awake and wet with sweat. Once I wake up like that, I feel like I diffuse the entities. But this dream is becoming more constant … and I continue to fight them from entering my subconscious while I’m sleeping. I was hoping it would eventually go away but it seems to be happening more frequently.” What is going on and what can we do to help?
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

What is happening is that doing the work brings it into sharper focus that there is an ongoing contest for power and control here as she is visited regularly by dark spirits wanting to enter her energy and manipulate. She is a plum target because she is unoccupied and, therefore, highly desirable. Her subconscious is simply reacting quite strongly to these attempts to gain entry, knowing what they represent from past experience and fearing the possibility it will happen again, that they will gain the upper hand. This is being telegraphed to conscious awareness because it is entering the dream state as a concern, and then these dreams are being remembered or will, in fact, cause her to awaken because of the urgency, and this triggers the survival mechanism to awaken a person when the subconscious detects the presence of a danger. So that is what is taking place here.

What is needed is simply greater healing, a repeat Protocol session would be of help to calm things down further. Beyond that, a subconscious channeling session with trauma resolution would be more effective and quicker by addressing directly the fear generated by the approach of dark spirits. This response is very akin to crime victims who fear shadows and are reluctant to go out at night and may have any number of other manifestations of the prior trauma intruding on their day-to-day experience. As in all such cases, trauma resolution work can be a blessing to reduce the likelihood of an emotional reaction to signs of possible danger, but take them in stride knowing they are standing strong and can remain safe.