DWQA QuestionsCategory: Spirit PossessionA client asks: “My husband’s boss shared with him that he belongs to some kind of royal family (from India), and they have been practicing a very curious ritual for around 4,000 years. Long history short, he and his family summon and invoke several spirits of ancestors as if they were present in their home. They chant to them, read history books to them, offer meals to them, etc., every single day. They also have a priest they are accountable to, for continuing this tradition generation to generation. This person has many strange and negative things going on around him, like a cloud of unhappiness that follows him around, and is very noticeable, even by people who have never met him before. Is working side by side in the same office with this person dangerous in any way?”
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

This individual is suffering because of his beliefs that are, in actuality, a kind of manipulation of him and the others. This need not be anyone else’s concern and we recommend steering clear of discussion about these practices. You will not be believed but will be seen as a threat and a manipulator likely having some sinister motive. People, as you know well, are very sensitive about their beliefs and any intrusion into their personal beliefs and rituals will be greatly resented and possibly feared and hated, so this is not to anyone’s advantage to raise questions about or to criticize.

The reason for the uncomfortable feelings around him is because he carries much negative energy. He could benefit from a spirit releasement session to clear this negativity—that may well not last because of his current practices which make him vulnerable. This is no different than a large percentage of humans in all walks of life who are similarly corrupted. There are many spirits looking for targets at all times, so the presence of people who are possessed is not necessarily a risk factor provided there is no physical intimacy in a relationship with them. That is not the case here, so there is nothing really to fear but to extend love and sympathy for this person who struggles because of his unawareness of what is taking place.

An outreach to do a clearing could be gifted on his behalf but that would require repetition to maintain that status as we indicated. All one need do to stand strong is to hold belief in the divine and to request that safety be granted and then reinforced on an ongoing basis to remove all darkness and shield the person from future attempts to enter their energy or manipulate—that can be a regular practice used to great advantage. When done as an ongoing prayer, this will keep a person safe as long as their belief in the divine and themselves will support an outreach on their behalf. If those criteria have not been met, then that would be a priority to request through prayer to shore up the beliefs through healing, working towards becoming stronger and maintaining safety along the way.