DWQA QuestionsCategory: CreatorA viewer asks: “You mentioned that I could suggest that the three women I know call upon God for protection when they are doing channeling: That they “begin working directly with the divine by name, calling on God to make their channeling work secure and solid.” Last night, I asked one of them if she considers God and Goddess the same thing and she said she does. What is your perspective on that?”
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

We understand that some people wish to have a feminine view of the divine and this is in keeping with the loving nature of the feminine gender itself because love is the outstanding characteristic and energy of the divine. So in a sense, the female being is a clearer reflection of that aspect of divinity as a working, functioning being in much of what they do and how they go about doing it. So the idea of the Goddess energy is a celebration and a recognition of the reality of the divine and its makeup being one of love, but not solely feminine or masculine either.

We transcend gender as you perceive it and have the total array of potentials within our makeup and it is varying portions and ratios of our characteristics that are expressed to varying degrees among the individual souls of human beings. Their home gender is a reflection of a varying mix of those characteristics that can be discerned and be seen to fit the label of male or female accordingly. Both genders carry within them our divinity simply expressed with varying degrees of emphasis that will make the two contrast somewhat with one another in the degree to which certain characteristics are more highly prized and more evident in the nature of individual makeup in thought, word, and deed.

So we are quite open to being addressed as “Goddess energy” and thought of as a Goddess if that is reassuring for a person and wants to feel more in tune because it is more similar to their own makeup and desires in how they wish to meet and interact with the world. Some are more comfortable with a partner much like them. Others are happy to partner with a somewhat different makeup and composite of energies in what they think about us as an entity. What we would say is: “However you view us in a way that brings us closer to you in your thoughts, in your desire to share your life with us and work in concert with us, and have us as a partner in all of your doings, walking hand in hand with you and having an interplay and exchange of ideas and feelings on an ongoing basis, is all for the good and we will embrace whatever way you wish to experience the partnership. All we wish to see is that a partnership exists and is fully invested in with a strong desire for it to flourish and lead to the highest expression of the individual’s soul.” That is making the most of the opportunity in a way that will also be self-satisfying to the individual, given that they are an expression of their individuality and it is fitting they are expressing themselves in a way that suits their persona and how they show that to the world.