DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaA practitioner asks: “A year ago I had a client, a young teenage girl from Chile, who suffers from Trypophobia attacks especially at bedtime that forced her mother to get to her bed and console her until she was finally able to fall asleep. I did three sessions on her back then but her problem didn’t subside. Could you tell us why the Protocol sessions done on her didn’t help heal or mitigate her overwhelming emotions, reactions of fear, and anxiety from seeing images of tiny holes or dots?”
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

These are trauma memories that she experienced having extraterrestrial encounters and this is what has created the inner sensitivity and the great inner fear. She knows this is sinister because she knows these beings are not loving and the high strangeness is triggering deep memories from other lifetimes as well of alien encounters that ended badly for her. Everything about her experiences will trigger a huge fight or flight response. When the subconscious mind wants to run but the conscious mind is clueless, not appreciating what the inner part of the mind is struggling with, and fails to respond in taking any kind of defensive action, this will further ramp up the intensity of inner fear and the stress response will kick into high gear, so to speak, and will cause an inner war to get the person’s attention through any means possible, including having a meltdown where the person becomes incapacitated. It is simply because the deep subconscious sees the size of the threat as being so huge it is a matter of life and death. Under those circumstances, all bets are off about to what lengths it may try to go to obtain help from the conscious self, through creating an inner crisis to compel it to do something.

This can be healed over time but is now largely a karmic difficulty. This could be healed more efficiently through trauma resolution work because it is the mind itself creating the difficulty at this point. The damaging events have come and gone but it is the residue and the reality it happened that continues to haunt this individual and prevent her happiness. It may be quite a while before the healing work is able to peel back the layers sufficiently to eliminate the problem. This is simply the nature of what you are dealing with, given the size of the damage done through trauma to people from all they undergo at the hands of the interlopers.