DWQA QuestionsCategory: Spirit MeddlersA practitioner asks: “Can I keep going with the asking of Lightworker Healing Protocol healing for Lucifer in step 1, and will this create safety for my daughter who has dreamed of interacting with him?”
Nicola Staff asked 10 months ago

You can continue doing outreaches because all such requests will be utilized and can be of benefit for other targets in addition to the one stated. The intention can be repurposed if that is appropriate, and then the work continues to be of maximum benefit, so this is a fine idea.

In a sense, the being, Lucifer, is an icon representing the darkness and the many minions who carry out dark agendas and, as such, can be the focus of healing requests quite meaningfully as this fallen angel has been the instigator of deception resulting in the harm of many, many other angels and caused their downfall. Working back through that figure addresses, directly, the entirety of the fallen cohort, and will be of great benefit for undoing all that has happened including the manipulation of human beings as a consequence. The elimination of the dark spirits from your realm is the key to human growth and progress so all that you contribute will be of great value working towards that goal.