DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human Lost Soul SpiritsMy client has something inside her she can feel moving at times. It talks to her, saying it loves her and wants to help her. Was this fully taken care of with the removal of the spirit attachments we performed using the Lightworker Healing Protocol?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

This was a human lost soul spirit that was also a hybrid. It was recruited by the spirit meddlers to be a major disruptive force in her life to lead her astray and this is for reasons of her high spiritual focus. So this spirit has now been removed with your Lightworker Healing Protocol session, so the danger has passed for her. The further healing done will help restore equilibrium. She needs to guard herself and prevent a reoccurrence, and this is a question of managing her intuitive thoughts and outreach so she does not attract an interloper and do a handshake, so to speak, to start a dialogue going. Once such an experience happens, it is easier to reinstate this and the past history will be seen by the interlopers in the future should she drop her guard and another spirit intrude. So this is a point of vulnerability she simply needs to be aware of so she can be vigilant and not overly trusting of such a voice coming to her.

As you rightly coached her, this is not how divine representatives behave, they will not just appear and intrude on a person’s consciousness, so that is true warning should it happen that something is amiss and you will be available to take swift action to remove such an entity in the event that were to happen. This need not be the case with daily prayer work, as you will be counseling her. So this is a very timely occurrence to have her be in touch with you, as this experience has unfolded, as it will be in time to prevent a major downward spiral—as this is always what such spirits aim to produce in their host given any vulnerability they can exploit.