DWQA QuestionsCategory: Spirit MeddlersOur client asks: “Our daughter was raised and educated in a secular way without religious beliefs, but since she was fourteen, she has on the back of her cell phone a sticker of a beautiful baroque angel carrying a submachine gun, without knowing why. What she wants to know about the dream she had, meeting with Lucifer, is what did they both talk about?”
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

This was a dream replay of a meeting of minds, or rather a meeting of consciousness, on her part with a dark spirit meddler who was masquerading as Lucifer. This is often done by such beings because they know it will get the attention of the human in question and give them a sense of self-importance in the eyes of their human target. This nonetheless has meaning because it is one of the most significant tests of human in confrontations that can result in devastating consequences if not handled carefully by the human being targeted. As you know, there are many long-term and quite devastating possibilities when humans become prey to the spirit meddler, and it needs to be avoided as much as possible or swift action taken to remove such spirits and provide healing to undo their handiwork.

In the daughter’s case, she had a true meeting of minds and was in good spiritual shape to actually stand up to this dark one and not give in to its seductive entreaties. This is saying something about her spiritual connection and focus and purity of her heart. She is to be applauded in performing in such a high fashion. Very few human beings can do so, and so this is a testament to her purity and the careful instruction and training she has received from her family to make her aware of the reality of the spirit realm, and that safeguarding the soul and working for the light are the most important of activities. This has paid off handsomely with the exchange and has served her greatly.

The exposure to the Lightworker Healing Protocol is a blessing because it formalizes and strengthens the understanding and capability of any person to stand their ground and be untouchable from any interloper and attempts to interfere with them. She need not fear these phenomena because she truly walks with God and will be safe as long as she keeps her heart open to divine love and holds a loving vibration within.