DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Genetic ManipulationsA practitioner asks: “Creator mentioned in an answer to a question that the divine realm had to “bend” the rules in order to support humanity’s success after the genetic disconnect from our intuitive capability. In what way have the rules been bent?” What can Creator tell us?
Nicola Staff asked 12 months ago
We consider the bending of the rules to be allowable, as your ability to exert your free will has been compromised, because of the imposed limitations in the degradation of your awareness of the divine realm as a resource and a potential partner which was the original intention, for you to incarnate in the physical, not to be away from us but be present within the physical plane but still in contact with us. Given the compromising of your intuitive link, we have bent the rules about stepping forward to use inspiration in order to reach you, to remind you of our existence, to give you warnings, and so forth. Rather than stand idling by, waiting for you to reach out to us always, in bending the rules, we are still using human intention and interpreting it to be applied to the best advantage of all, that you not be disconnected and alone totally, but still have a lifeline, and that is in keeping with the spirit of your heritage, being an extension of our consciousness, after all. Living in ignorance of our existence is not normal but can have devastating consequences in limiting your happiness, and even survival, and that dire outcome is certainly not something within human intention to have happen but rather the opposite.