DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Genetic ManipulationsA practitioner asks: “When the divine human was created we were able to use an intuitive two-way communication system to talk with Creator and the spirit team. But then our channel, amongst other things, was degraded by our “lovely ET buddies.” The point I would like to make is that Creator led in a de facto manner at the time of the divine human. What prompted Creator to not lead or stop leading?” What is Creator’s perspective?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago
Your question contains an erroneous assumption, that in the beginning Creator was leading humanity, on an individual and therefore collective basis as well, and then when things went wrong, with the extraterrestrial manipulation of the human connection to the divine, humans were left on their own and, subsequently, must take the lead in order to build a bridge back to the divine once again. In actuality, you were put on the planet to be in the lead. At the outset, your communication link to us was untrammeled, it was ever‑present and certain, and allowed direct conversations back and forth, as your channel does, but more seamlessly, and as a routine part of your daily experience. At any moment, and on the spur of momentary impulse, all could reach out to the divine and hear a response. But that does not mean we were leading everyone, it was simply that our availability, as a consultant, was unhindered. That is the role we play today but in a greatly compromised way because of the broken communication link for most individuals. Nothing has changed regarding the relative roles of responsibility. Humanity, as a physical expression, has always been here to solve the problem of evil, taking the lead and exploring, and doing whatever might be necessary to win the day, with us as the instrument, more as a tool of human intention than leading the way.