DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolA practitioner asks: “How are our current Lightworker Healing Protocol sessions contributing to deflecting and altering these possible negative future scenarios you talk about (caused by the interlopers)? What are some possible positive scenarios that are currently available?”
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

You are effecting a change in energy potentials. Things are still at the potential stage and not yet fully realized in a physical sense. They are nonetheless working through in the extent to which the aims, even in a local specific series of actions by the Extraterrestrial Alliance, are lessened in some way, either delayed, carried out with lesser attention and enthusiasm and degree and thereby create greater safety for those humans influenced through having a lesser calamity to deal with. These are complicated and difficult to describe with specific examples because of the lack of a basis of comparison. So it is all an abstraction when given in a description verbally which is all that is available to us in this setting, but we can assure you there is an overall influence going on from the Lightworker Healing Protocol as well as additional prayer work done by many practitioners as well as many who are aware of the cause and adding their own prayers into the mix. There is a growing chorus of humans wanting change, wanting betterment of the human condition, all of which creates a confluence of human intention we can draw on to make things happen.

We are nearing key turning points in strategy by the Extraterrestrial Alliance and this is precisely when the prayers and healing are most needed to begin to soften the interlopers and weaken their resolve. They have already entertained the idea of leaving and this is in response to human outcry for relief. The key is how this will be conducted. It would be particularly tragic if the best that can be attained is to have a rapid annihilation as a kind of backlash. This would not be a consolation prize worth having. This is always a potential risk in altering evil plans because any change in plans by evil beings will likely be evil, in some respects, to some degree. Obtaining lesser evil is always worth cultivating, but it is a difficult and unpleasant business as well as being highly uncertain in the doing.

There is always a degree of unpredictability in all that happens because of free will. So we are not in control of this. It is being determined by the participants, in part in reaction to divine intervention energetically, but that intervention will be responded to, reacted to, taken into account, and will cause other things to happen, and that will depend on how things evolve subsequently—whether there is a temporary reprieve or a long-lasting one, whether there is a cessation of a plan for annihilation or simply a temporary change in scheduling. The latter creates more opportunity for divine plans to work but is not particularly satisfying to the human observer who wants to be out from under this draconian probability.

So we understand your earnest desire to not just find out facts, but to get a sense one is making a difference and there is a reason for hope here. We can assure you wholeheartedly that both are true. You are all contributing and making a difference and you are adding more and more hope into the picture as well. There is more to do. We cannot nor would we wish to deny that because your ongoing effort and energies are of critical importance to the outcome. It is not the time to ease up or stand down. You must keep up the effort and do all you can here. That will, if maintained, increasingly favor your success. That is the path you are on. If you keep going, you will win.