DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine GuidanceA viewer asks: “Direct open conflict is not resolution to deal with evil from a number of angles. Neither is to accept the terms and direction set by evil forces. So what is the way to resist a far superior force, yet in the process not to be killed outright or to cause a mass death toll in society, as it happened many times before through history to those following the light?”
Nicola Staff asked 4 years ago
We have given the message many times that the answer for all difficulties, including being under attack, is to find a way to bring love to bear. This seems like a faint hope and a weak strategy at first blush, but we assure you it is not. We have also told you that when life is in peril, it is actually better to allow yourself to die rather than take up arms and kill another. This is because causing death and injury will have karmic consequences. Even if it is a mortal enemy seeking your destruction, it is guaranteed that you will be in a future entanglement with your adversary. Whereas if you are allowing a death to happen, you are saying, in effect, "I am not accepting what you want to see happen here but will not stand in its way," and thus separating yourself and your intention entirely from what takes place. Even though this would seem to be a grievous harm and a penalty requiring karmic repair sometime in the future, it will be a much milder burden than if you fight it and cause grievous harm to the perpetrator. That will greatly intensify the karmic obligation to re-engage and have the same dilemma come around again, and again, and again in all likelihood. That is why wars repeat over, and over, and over because the combatants are not learning the lesson that it is a futile exercise. It leads to perpetual weakening rather than the accumulation of the power used as an incentive to drag people into participating in warfare and is the dream of the power-hungry ruler choosing that to happen because it is easy when one sends underlings to do the dirty work. The request for healing done with the Lightworker Healing Protocol is a highly refined love weapon and is a perfect illustration of how an act of love can carry within it great power. Love can disarm an opponent through a demonstration of selfless sacrifice or even making an act of loving kindness on behalf of the perpetrator that comes to their attention, and because it is so out of character for them, may give them pause. There will come a time when the hearts will open of your adversaries and they will be softened and will have these kinds of awakenings. It has happened to some of their number already and the numbers will grow over time as you continue on your healing journey and continue making requests for them to be raised up and healed for all their liabilities and negative attributes they suffer from and, in fact, are in peril because of their consequences. Love is much more powerful in its reach than people truly understand. This is why the learning curve is needed to teach these lessons so thoroughly it becomes second nature and makes people effective warriors for the light in the highest and best way, with confidence, authority, and a high level of effectiveness because the lessons have not only been learned but incorporated into every fiber of the being with a sureness and a level of effectiveness that is hard for you to envision at the present time, but you are learning and growing and will develop much greater strength if you keep going.