DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolA practitioner asks: “In the LHP, I want to add to the words ‘…help them find and embrace effective use of the Lightworker Healing Protocol and other GetWisdom teachings,’ the words, ‘or other equivalent and appropriate modalities.'” Any reason why not?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

There might be situations where a secondary source of lesser value is already at hand. The problem with it is that it provides an out for the divine realm to give what might, in the end, be a token effort to honor your request with lesser information because it meets the official human intention within your wording, to at least do something, so we see this as a lessening rather than a strengthening. After all, the desire to have the person find their way to learning about the LHP and other GetWisdom teachings already includes the possibility that it might be quite difficult, for any number of technical reasons, why it will be hard to get someone to search out GetWisdom and click on a link. Whereas there are some divine principles already being embraced and recommended by any number of other sources that are in alignment overall with what we are teaching, and so they represent a true divine message and would be not only fair game but a benefit to have someone led to those particular sources. So this idea is already encompassed within the Lightworker Healing Protocol using the best language and the best intentions—that is to prioritize a direct exposure to the LHP and other teachings channeled from us but leave implied the next best thing being those same teachings, but as presented through other sources, as an option being better than nothing. The danger is in elevating going to a vague all-inclusive other category as being an equivalent, because it is vague and then leaves the divine realm on its own when we cannot lead without human intention to follow, so some degree of specificity is important here.