DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mind ControlWas the hate crime hoax allegedly perpetrated by actor, Jusse Smollett, his own free will choice, or was this orchestrated directly or indirectly by the Extraterrestrial Alliance via mind control manipulation?
Nicola Staff asked 1 week ago

This was an orchestration, and this is evident in the odd mix of facts and cover-up underway. It is logical for a perpetrator of a hoax to hold out until they have been shown up by sufficient evidence as the origin of the untruths that were promoted. That has happened here clearly with the frank disbelief and further charging of Smollett as the perpetrator of a crime, but yet he is clinging to belief in the importance of his mission, for that is what it was presented to him to represent—a kind of crusade that he could take part in and bring about almost single-handedly, to right the wrongs and ills of the evils he saw in the government, and society as a whole, on the issue of racism and homophobia—two issues of critical importance to his own personal safety, and very much subject to inner fears as well.

The fact he clings to the falsehood of his innocence is a demonstration of the power of mind control to make beliefs rigid in the face of all evidence to the contrary. And while this creates inner conflict, he cannot help himself and cannot help his thoughts as he will go back and forth much like looking at the alternating sides of a coin—it is the same coin, but he will alternate in how he is thinking about what it looks like. This is because he holds rigid beliefs in his mission, as proposed to him, to carry out this improbable series of orchestrated events to stage an attack on himself with iconic trappings of racial animus and homophobic roots.

This was a collusion between the Extraterrestrial Alliance and the spirit meddlers to look for such would-be victims and set them up to follow this impulse through with an act of self‑inflicted injury or a story that such has happened at the hands of a target person or group of some kind to reinforce prejudice—all is designed to orchestrate further descent within the culture to keep people at odds and ramping up old fears and hatreds, both. The problem of racial division, and the problem of sexual orientation, and the varying perspectives leading to discrimination there as well, will never heal if they continue to be emphasized with events like this happening, showing, ostensibly, that the hatreds are not only alive and well, but a great danger to many in society, and an object lesson that there is much more healing needed, and a sea change in thinking, and so forth.

The reality is quite different—that the discriminations of the past have eased tremendously. This is not to say racism and homophobia have been eradicated, only that they have dropped to a level where they can be safely ignored because people are not acting on them in a serious way to hinder the mobility and freedom of expression of those with such differences from the dominant culture. In fact, the political correctness leans so heavily in the other direction—there is more backlash against a would-be perpetrator than can be tolerated in most cases. So those with prejudice simply stay silent, for the most part, which serves to allow healing within, and a lesser interest in pursuing these unhealthy perspectives and ideas. That is a prescription for change and healing—allowing the old views and beliefs to fade from disuse. Anything that raises awareness of the old problems will retrigger everyone who has a karmic history in alignment with being either a victim or perpetrator of such discrimination. That keeps the old wounds open and hemorrhaging and is a disservice to the cause of truth.