DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human PotentialA practitioner asks: “Please describe in detail the ascension process step by step. Will our souls simply leave our bodies painlessly like butterflies exiting their cocoons? Will there be no fear of death involved?”
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

There will be no fear of death, it will just happen. In a sense, you will be collected with the soul energy leaving the body, as with the physical demise, but a quite rapid raising up with no hindrance, no delay, into a higher dimensional state. So it will be a return to the light, a return to the heavenly plane for the further launching into the higher plane of existence resulting from the ascension moving forward. That will be organized and will be planned in detail just as you do before making an incarnation into the physical realm. There will be consultations and many group discussions about the array of possibilities, formats, and assignment of roles and duties very analogous to the life plan that is put together before incarnating into earth plane. You will choose your compatriots to interact with and a general plan will be in place for there to be an agenda, with each participant serving the soul group wanting to be involved with one another most directly, just as the family lineage is preplanned and the assigned roles of parent and child, as well as many other interrelationships for people being teachers and mentors, bosses, friends, coworkers, and so on. It will be a time of great joy.

You know much about this already when you are a light being and have access to all that is on record within the higher astral plane, so you will not be starting from scratch to understand where you are headed next and what it will be like. This has been envisioned and much planning done already for millennia, so there will be nothing difficult or complicated for you at all in having this come about. You will be carried by the energies in the unfolding quite naturally.