DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human PotentialA practitioner asks: “Will there be some kind of preparation before or during the ascension? Will You announce to humanity of the upcoming ascension in order to give us enough time to prepare ourselves for this grand historical event?”
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

The level of awareness will be variable. It will not be announced, but there will be many who are anticipating it and who are planning, in a sense, but no such planning is truly necessary beyond the basic healing needed to obtain readiness for leaving this troubled place you inhabit, once and for all. That will take a good deal of time, as we have said before, approximately two generations will be needed to accomplish enough healing for humanity for the ascension to proceed. It is not necessary to heal 100% of everything that has happened heretofore, but there needs to be a critical mass of karmic repair done in order to qualify for ascension and to take part. There will be some holdouts who resist all attempts to awaken them and encourage them to work on their healing and may be resistant to receiving divine help. Such personal choices are, in a way, tragic but this must be allowed under the rules of engagement.

For the majority of individuals, once the interlopers have withdrawn, healing will be simpler and more straightforward because it will not be opposed continuously, as is true at present. So the healing will persist rather than be transient in many cases—that will make it possible to make great strides within a period of years or decades. As a feature of ascension, any unfinished karmic backlog will be healable when you are in the higher dimension you ascend to, so there is no need to worry about being impaired in some fashion and suffering perpetually from some defect because of unfinished business that is a liability. There needs to be a widespread universal and massive healing effort, and the Lightworker Healing Protocol is perfect for seeing that that necessary healing is addressed. The more who participate on the human side, the better, but all will receive healing from the work of those practitioners embracing and using the Protocol as intended, to cover everyone.

Ordinary life will continue as usual because the necessities of physical existence are still in play, so one will need to eat and have shelter, and so on, and make a living, so to speak, but things will get easier all along the way in the buildup. There is virtue in having it happen automatically because many will worry because of the long conditioning process in fearing death and having complications arise with the transition that is in the awareness of the deep subconscious of many. So there are human vulnerabilities and foibles that will automatically be triggered with any change of this momentous nature—that is why the idea of it happening automatically is a blessing.

As is true for all who pass and return to the light, it is a time of rejoicing and boundless joy and delight. This will be no different but will have the added benefit of knowing you are truly finally done with coming to the Earth and taking on the pain and suffering oftentimes, in fighting evil. You will be able to assist those still in need in other civilizations from a higher plane of existence but will not live among them and be subject to their cruelties, so never again will you have to face the vulnerability and pain of being a physical human.