DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolA practitioner asks: “Source Creator, as I understand it from listening to many of Karl’s channelings, the amount of healing required to heal humanity and its perpetrators is immense and will take time. However, if we think quantumly instead of linearly, time is fluid and all is occurring simultaneously. Are we thinking too linearly with our prayer requests in regard to time? Would it be useful to add the request, “move to complete” “thank you, show me now?” Is this a way to speed up healing? Is it already an integral part of the LHP? Or is it just wishful thinking on behalf of an impatient human?”
Nicola Staff asked 1 month ago

You can rule out number three here as the desire is appropriate and the idea a good one, but this is already inherent within the Protocol with the request to have all of the repeat sessions done as frequently as feasible, and in perpetuity, and that implies maximum effort, in a time sense, with all of the potential efficiencies and ability to shift among time domains to make things happen and have as much effort take place as possible to achieve the desired goals.

The key here might be more in making this more explicit for the practitioner to appreciate fully what this means. The divine realm understands the desire and can make things happen in quite elegant ways that exceed the expectations of the practitioner, even though everything does flow from their request. It is still hard for a human being to imagine the many billions of advanced beings working over, and over, and over, and over, and over, doing Protocol work in rapid succession on a continual basis, but yet this can be done because of the fluidity of time. A light being can do ten sessions within the span of a second from human perspective. What this means is, they can do considerable healing and still have time for themselves because they can fractionate their existence in such a way to have discrete intervals of time, in a sense, expended on behalf of an activity, but bracket that quite closely with periods of alternative functions that serve to keep their existence going and their wide-ranging interests satisfied.

It is true that no being wants to become a slave to this exercise as a 100% activity day in, day out, year in, year out, as you would see it from your perspective. But this we are not asking of anyone—certainly not the human practitioners because of their physical limitations in particular. The light beings have few limitations and are more flexible, and also have the big picture firmly in mind with the requisite beliefs to do high-level work and are your best asset in that regard. You need not worry about wearing them out, they can do far more work than you could possibly accomplish with far less total effort, and much of it depends on the malleability of time itself in their realm. This creates many efficiencies and opportunities to maximize the benefits of expended energy, and light beings can make the most of this.