DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolA practitioner writes about his legal issue: “The legal situation involves both me and my daughter, and since I’ve been doing at least two Protocol sessions a day, and me and my family are included in all of them, is there something lacking in my execution of the Protocol?”
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

We find no fault with your work per se. The difficulty is in your closeness to the enterprise. There are inner conflicts that constrain things because of inner fears on a deep subconscious level. That is restricting progress on the personal front with regard to this issue. It is not a factor in other work you are requesting on behalf of other parties, so you need not feel like you are a failure or that somehow you are ill-equipped to do the work. The opposite is the case—you are proficient, you are thorough, you are careful, and you are effective, and that is because your heart is in the right place, your beliefs are strong, and your intentions arise from the heart through the desire to make a difference and truly help people greatly in need of such support.

It is still possible for the humanitarian to have blind spots in their thinking and this is not at all unusual for healers who may work miracles routinely for their clients but somehow are unable to heal themselves—this is the very phenomenon involved. It is not that their healing has been an illusion with nothing real behind it, it is that they hold such powerful control over their own personal welfare and destiny it can, in fact, choke off the ability to receive the same divine blessings the healer bestows routinely on others through identifying key needs and marshaling divine help to see things are done effectively and on a high level. That is why the suggestion was made to bring in your channel to assist.

The problem is not an insufficient number of Protocol sessions, nor any lack of technique or necessary expertise, nor overall belief quotient. The problem is worthiness of the self on a deep subconscious level because of karmic entanglements with the individuals in question who are the subjects of the legal matter. That is the sticking point. There is a karmic logjam here and until you go down the particular waterway that created the logjam, you will not see its evidence and consequences because they are local, and involve these parties, and are not a general issue in the lives of the participants.

The answer here is to break the logjam by bringing in someone without a stake in things who is unhindered by prior woundings that complicate achieving healing now for a contest between these particular players. That can make the difference here and is the reason we gave a green light to simply getting more Protocol work done for all the parties involved. So, to you, it seems like more of the same and, in fact, quite insignificant to have someone come in at this late hour and do a single session perhaps when literally hundreds have already been done but the problem continues.

What we would point out is that the power of karma is supreme because it rules over all, and that cannot be circumvented, even by Creator, except in special circumstances that warrant a divine intervention to bend the rules on someone’s behalf because there has been restitution in some way, or a decision made to bestow divine grace for other reasons that allow canceling the karmic debt that has been in place. But even though you are presenting a roadblock because of the workings of karma, that does not mean a third party, like your channel, cannot come directly to Creator on your behalf with a Protocol session requesting all the same things for you and the others involved, only to get the same results. You are a roadblock to yourself but not a roadblock to others.

So take heart, this is not a criticism of you nor a failing, it is a normal and expected consequence of trauma to have these kinds of complications, and this is the reason to have healers involved in the first place. So, in the same way you can help many, many others by being a dispassionate advocate for their betterment, you can work with your channel to do the same for you and bypass complications that might hinder your personal application of healing to yourself—that is no failing. It is true of everyone that there will be such times when they are too close to an issue, that it is truly highest and best to get some outside help to add power to the entreaty, and that can shift things in the direction needed and get good outcomes, whereas they may have been prevented for a long period of time. We predict this will be a fruitful endeavor and will set things back on a productive path.