DWQA QuestionsCategory: Spirit MeddlersA practitioner asks: “What happened with my late friend’s schizophrenic son, who killed him and seriously injured his mother, believing they were aliens?”
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

This sad sequence of events was the consequence of a long-term manipulation of the boy’s mind by spirit meddlers in residence working to corrupt him and distort his thinking. This was further worsened by an extraterrestrial spirit implanting within the thoughts of the spirit meddlers, this agenda to weaponize him to turn against his family and attack them. This parallels the many instances you read about in the news of people going berserk and attacking strangers or even loved ones brutally, and often for a bizarre reason that seems to make sense to them at the time but which they cannot defend, and will be seen as a “psychotic delusion” by the mainstream caregivers evaluating the perpetrator following their incarceration, if they survive capture and are not killed by police along the way. Such individuals, and he is typical, face a daunting challenge to ever achieve a state of normalcy. Because the tools are not available within the mainstream to truly heal such individuals, divine intervention is the likeliest path for a return to normalcy if that is in the cards. Working with the Lightworker Healing Protocol will bring this to bear, so time will tell to what extent a restoration is possible here.