DWQA QuestionsCategory: Spirit MeddlersHe asks: “You had done a Lightworker Healing Protocol session and channeling about him several years ago, and I have done many LHPs on his behalf since then. Is he an alien hybrid or clone? And how is the mother? I Pray for her well-being.”
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

This is a work in progress still and this is typical. Even having things focused with high intention and great precision on what is needed, the warping of a person’s mind creates the greatest of obstacles to divine intervention, because in keeping with the rules of engagement, even when thinking is abnormal, corrupted, and delusional, we cannot go against it because it all must be considered “human intention” even though misguided and even when it is self-destructive. We are making headway, so time will tell to what extent things can be turned around here. Your contributions are making this possible. Without it, it is unlikely there would ever be a resolution.

Unfortunately, the mother’s life was truly shattered by having this double horror in seeing the husband perish and knowing her son had turned against the both of them. This is the most gruesome and ghastly life experience one can imagine, because the level of betrayal represented by patricide and matricide are as severe and horrific as it gets. Prayers are especially important because the healing will be a long time in coming for such individuals, who are harmed grievously by such a perverse and unfair turn of events.