DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial ImpostersA viewer asks: “A repair person recommended to me appears to have serpent-type pupils. A second person corroborated what I was seeing, but a photograph was inconclusive. He has visited a few times and performed great work and seems extremely generous and kind. Is he a shape-shifter or Reptilian in some way or is this just an infrequent mutation that humans sometimes have? If he is alien, should I avoid him at all costs and simply pray for him or do I have protection as I think I do?”
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

Unfortunately, your perceptions here are accurate about his true makeup. So, this individual is best avoided without explanation or commentary. There is nothing to be gained by a confrontation. It would backfire and result in your being put on an even higher degree of vigilance and oversight. People will not understand nor likely believe such stories about others and will make them more suspicious of you, even though you are well-meaning. It is one thing to have such an encounter or be under surveillance, and another to blow the whistle and have it be noticed you are surmounting their intentions and potentially thwarting their capability to come and go as they please and do anything they like to human beings. That can well end in causing you harm. You indeed are under divine watch and being assisted with greater safety. That does not mean we can keep you at arm’s length from any cause of harm. You have your free agency and free will at all times. If you choose to do something risky, we cannot stop you, and we may, in fact, have to allow a karmic mishap in keeping with the rules of engagement if you have not asked for specific assistance for a specific type of situation. So you do not possess a Teflon shield, so to speak, where you are impervious to harm. No one is truly Superman, so that is good to keep in mind, to not be cavalier with regard to potential risks that generally apply. While all are special to us, all are vulnerable as well. We cannot protect everyone from everything. There are too many contingencies, rules, and constraints, and it is humans who largely determine what will happen or not, as the case may be. While this is often through default, that is a powerful determining factor even though you might prefer it to be otherwise. In other words, ignorance is not always bliss, it might be your undoing but must be allowed if it is the desired state of the human in assuming they have things under control. Even though it might not be the case, we cannot override the assumption and step in to change things. We can only respond to requests for assistance in most instances. So it is wise to make regular prayer requests for divine assistance for all kinds of circumstances and needs you might have, to keep your life on track and proceeding smoothly.