DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine GuidanceA viewer asks: “I’d like to know what my soul purpose is in this lifetime, what does it require of me to do, is there anything in particular? What I’m trying to say is that I feel my soul purpose is on a spiritual path in some way, possibly healing, but I’d like clarification in what it desires or its purpose?” What can we tell her?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

We cannot lead, so we are unable to give you a prescription, a directive for how to live your life. We can respond to your description by telling you: “You are hearing from us in response to your own inner yearnings. You came into life to be a lightworker, specifically, to save and heal humanity.” How you go about doing that can take many forms, whether you are a “healer” in a very direct way or add to healing through being a good example and being a loving friend, colleague, companion, and citizen of the world. You are drawn to the work you see through this channel for a reason, so if you ponder that, you may begin to see further the outlines your higher self is suggesting to you through the thoughts and questions that come forth. Some of that is your curiosity, some of that is your higher self creating the idea and the possibility of things for your consideration—that is how we operate, more through raising questions within a person rather than giving them the answer, knowing that if they themselves embrace the question, we can provide a kind of feedback for further encouragement to help them say “yes” to it—that is the closest we can come to giving direction, but it is highly effective in helping people find their best path and sticking with it if they are open to receiving assistance and guidance and inspiration from within.

So we would suggest you make a concerted effort for daily prayers for this to happen so you get further feedback and clarification. It will not be discernable from your own thoughts directly, but you may in hindsight see how things came together, and it matters not whether you are given a pronouncement from “on high” or seem to have arrived at the decisions and the choices on your own simply because you like the idea of something and moved in that direction to try it out and then went from there a bit further, and so on. What matters is you end up where you need to go. You have all you need to make the journey and be successful and we do not give that to you as false encouragement in any way. We would not tell you this if it were not so, so you are getting a big pat on the back from us, that you can figure this out with our assistance in the old-fashioned way and it will work quite nicely.