DWQA QuestionsCategory: Transition (Crossing Over)A viewer asks: “Is there a firmament surrounding the Earth? If yes, what is the reason for the firmament? Is it to capture souls in any way?”
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

The firmament exists as an energy field we would call the “lower astral plane” in keeping with current terminology of greatest use. This is an in-between zone of energy separating the physical plane of Earth and the solar system from the heavenly realm, which is the “upper astral plane.” These are differing energetic zones and are not interchangeable or mutually compatible. Travel from one to another is restricted without a change in the energy to allow entry. The light being can lower their energy more readily than a lower entity can raise theirs to go into the higher realms. This is why evil is excluded from the upper astral plane but is the province of the lower one. The lower astral is the province of the fallen angelics and the earthbound spirits of humans and other species who are lost and in limbo, no longer being in the physical but unable to ascend to the heavenly realms yet, and sojourn in the lower astral as a consequence where they may languish and be preyed upon as a source of energy, which can drag them down further and greatly extend the duration of their suffering in between planes of existence where they truly belong.

Any being in physical life who undergoes the transition with a wearing out of the body needs to return to the upper astral plane to resume the light being experience they started from. The lower astral plane does not exist to trap souls but it is a place where souls do become trapped by their own lack of preparation to ascend following their transition from the physical body they inhabit during an incarnation. It is a road hazard all must traverse to go from the physical back to the light once again. This can be facilitated with outside help and divine healing as facilitated by the Lightworker Healing Protocol.

People are unaware of the hazards and what they need to be doing to prepare themselves for their eventual passing, to not assume that things end or that they will magically zoom up to heaven in the blink of an eye, so to speak, with no difficulty, hesitation, or uncertainty. All three of those may, in fact, pertain to their eventual passing depending on the preparation they have done to be in divine alignment, to be in good spirits, so to speak, with their vibration and holding loving expectations of a blissful new chapter instead of doubt, fear, and uncertainty that all too often become a preoccupation of the dying because of the negative propaganda and lack of reinforcement of their spiritual views and thoughts, and leading to their neglect. All can be ready to transition through developing a habit of regular prayer to keep the faith alive and be comfortable reaching to the light for answers even when the connection is uncertain. It is the doing that matters more than the results. All are disconnected in the physical but all are heard by the divine whenever they reach out, and doing so will make a difference. You are developing spiritual capital and building a relationship with the Almighty that will pay great dividends when it is most needed at the time of transition.