DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Genetic ManipulationsA viewer asks: “My son was born with a mutated gene, it’s called CAH (congenital adrenal hyperplasia). This means his adrenal glands don’t produce enough cortisol nor do they produce enough aldosterone. Anyway, I imagine this might be as a result of the ETs messing with human DNA, but do you think this can be repaired with this divine healing program, the Lightworker Healing Protocol? From your experience have you guys healed genetic issues present from birth?” What can we tell her?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

There are many times such things are repaired as a consequence of Lightworker Healing Protocol sessions. For the most part, this is never known to the practitioners themselves because the clients are unaware there is a genetic malady in place or that a genetic alteration is contributing to something they suffer with because the correlations have not been worked out as yet. This is true for many, many, conditions and the frustrating element is, while there may be a genetic profile of a sort, it is still obscure because it may involve dozens to hundreds of gene expression variations. So the value of even thinking about a genetic approach seems wildly impractical and perhaps even a questionable notion to begin with. Yet, there are many people who have been benefited with the Lightworker Healing Protocol for such conditions, and these inevitably will have a genetic shift in expression patterns accompanying the lack of symptoms they exhibit. So this is rarely given a focus of attention or awareness or an appreciation of what might be taking place. So there are no available benchmarks with before and after testing to compare genetic profiles, and this is rarely done even in the most elegant research settings, so is something that is simply a kind of black box.

When there is a known genetic malady and one uses the LHP, there are many potential outcomes, including having little change in the appearance or status, but a deep enough karmic repair takes place to prevent the problem from recurring in future lifetimes although it still persists in the current life. There can also be situations where there can be little accomplished because of the strong belief by the client and many of the client’s loved ones that the problem is intractable, and that high belief in their vulnerability and abnormality can tie the hands of the divine in bringing about a meaningful change. There may also be times when a karmic lesson is underway that must be allowed to persist. So these represent many complications, and it is true of problems both big and small, that sometimes we can make a difference and sometimes not. This is all owing to what the divine does or does not do, and not a reflection of the work of the practitioners or the validity of the Protocol itself. It is capable of healing virtually anything but that does not mean it will heal everything, each and every time. Far from it. Humans are very complex beings, and their history is complex, and the maladies they suffer are very complex in origin and it is an extremely difficult and time-consuming endeavor in most cases to undo them. Some things take many years to work through to produce a meaningful change. In the meantime, we cannot hold out false hope that healing is easy or can be guaranteed, ever. It is simply the nature of life itself that things are uncertain and are in a state of flux always, with ever-changing potentials to go in many possible directions, and until final choices are made from moment to moment, cannot be predicted.

We do not want to dodge the question here, we are simply pointing out that the fate of individuals is a complex matter and cannot even be predicted by the Almighty with certainty. That is because we do not create outcomes. We, if requested, can help with some healing that may potentially affect outcomes. That is a quite different matter. The degree of success achieved and its impact will be governed largely by the people influencing the recipient of the healing, as well as those requesting healing, their level of focus, and intention, and the state of being of the client, and the reasons behind their suffering. Each situation is unique in some respects. Even though a clinical condition is present with an identical diagnosis, the aggregate consequences and outcomes based on statistical data will hold for the group, but there are always exceptions. The way to think about this is that everyone can be an exception, even with everything seemingly stacked against you, such as having a faulty gene, and perhaps having a karmic obligation or debt that must be repaid and the way that has developed is to suffer a physical malady that is life-constraining or even life-limiting. And such a sufferer may also have a further penalty of little or no faith in the divine so they cannot mount a strong request personally for divine intervention, and so on. Even the most difficult circumstances that have developed to a point at the darkest hour of difficulty can be reversed under the right conditions. What is needed is an advocate who will champion their cause, if not the victim themselves, then a loved one with a keen interest and desire for them to be rescued from their plight. Many loving mothers have rescued their children from such circumstances through the power of their prayers and their fervent belief that a divine intervention is warranted and can happen. So what we are saying is you can bring about a meaningful change for your son simply through prayer, and the likelihood will increase if you use the Lightworker Healing Protocol on his behalf.