DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mercenary Army Program (SSP)She continues: “So, here I am, praying daily with my LHP sessions to SAVE HUMANITY and I’m living with someone who may be called up to ANNIHILATE us! On the one hand, I am eternally grateful that my prayers may be able to save HIM. On the other hand…how can I keep him safe so he’s not called up again to destroy us all?!” Are her intuitive impressions correct? Can you offer her some encouragement?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

Her consternation about this state of affairs is perfectly understandable and justified, but keep in mind the fact he and his siblings are in the MAP does not mean they are bad people or more evil than anyone else in the human family, they simply have the misfortune of having been selected to be commandeered and used in a way outside their awareness as a manipulation, and it is because of possessing talent and capabilities that are above average. So, in that sense, they are even more of a victim than any would-be victim they might be caused to injure. Their price will be greater, having been an instrument of destruction. The final goal is to eliminate everyone, including those in the MAP who carry out the deed for the masses. So everyone is in the same boat, and one can argue, should that worst of possibilities actually happen, that the many, many, human beings who are entirely complacent about the difficulties facing humanity and do not raise a finger to help anyone are no better or more deserving than someone forced to carry out their duty in the MAP and deliberately subjected to high-level mind control manipulation and subjugation a good deal more intense than the average citizen. All humans are complicit by not raising a hue and cry about the state of the world and seeking to learn more and taking action for the betterment of humanity.

This is an extreme test of character and the ability to love, to know such dark secrets about someone you depend on and love. It is important to keep the love going. It is justified. It is appropriate. All human beings are closely interrelated. When you see someone at their worst, it is because of an extreme circumstance that denies the major reality of their origin, purpose, and capabilities. You may only be seeing a distorted set of conditions and behaviors that a person has been forced to exhibit in some way, but that does not represent who they are, nor the worth of their soul. We can tell you virtually anyone can be manipulated to do such things. It is simply a question of good fortune if you are not tapped to be a direct operative of the Extraterrestrial Alliance.

In the same way that we implore all practitioners of the Lightworker Healing Protocol to give high priority to healing their perpetrators, it is a quite important task for you to work on the MAP membership as being an in between case, where humans have been commandeered against their will to serve the darkness, putting themselves and many others at risk. There will be great love that comes out of this period of time and the challenges it raises for you and for your husband as well. There is great love in the future for you both, and between you both, to be shared and cherished. This is a solvable problem and you have the tool to do it with. If you make the most of it, this will change the destiny for him and his siblings, and for you and the rest of the family, and all of humanity for the better.