DWQA QuestionsCategory: MetaphysicsA viewer asks: “We’re multidimensional beings. What other dimensions are we a part of or privy to while incarnated on the Earth?”
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

In a local sense, your makeup is comprised of multiple dimensions, so that is another fine point in the discussion here when speaking of doing healing on all timelines, realities, and dimensions. We see the term, “dimensions,” as applying to the big picture sense of this being a multidimensional universe, which are non-overlapping domains, not usually experienced by the divine human directly, but can be as a light being. But within any plane of existence, there are energies of varying dimensions that are present and play a role as energies are transmuted back and forth from one form to another to carry out the orchestration of the life process and all of its potential. So the differing energy layers of the body are, in effect, differing dimensions energetically and represents a multilayered and highly complex living entity, and there are many types of wounding that can happen to the energy layers themselves and this will have consequences needing healing attention. This is all beyond your knowledge, as yet, but is given mention by the Lightworker Healing Protocol, so there are human requests to attend to such things by the healing team set into motion by the Lightworker Healing Protocol so that the recipient of the healing will get the utmost benefit possible.