DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial InterlopersIn a previous channeling on Lucifer, Creator said the following: “So this well known risk of power, that ‘Absolute power corrupts absolutely,’ has applied once again in the story of Lucifer. This need not be so, but if not guarded against is a trap for the unwary.” You explained the major risk of great power as being too great a reward for the ego, causing one to become too self-serving. What then is needed to prevent that?
Nicola Staff asked 8 months ago

Humility, which in a sense, is a learned attribute. You were created to be bold, daring, forward‑looking, ever eager, endlessly curious, and ready to devour experience and knowledge as a consequence of having an endless appetite. This, of course, does not comprise the entirety of your soul’s makeup, but these are strong characteristics and traits for a reason. You were not created to be wallflowers, to be non-participants, staying on the sidelines where it might be seen as safe, taking no risks, and having no ambition to rise above the basal level you start at. This would accomplish little, even over great spans of time, and we would say about it, “What would be the point? Why create something that will not add but only be relatively static and produce much of the sameness as what has come before?”

To be, in essence, a tiger ready to go on the prowl, searching for something new and exciting to devour, in a sense at least, through learning all about it, and perhaps tinkering and toying with it as a way of understanding how it works, what it is capable of doing, and the consequences, there are many pitfalls that arise rather quickly. For one thing, a newly created soul will learn quite quickly they are not alone, they have a Creator, but they also have many other fellow creations, all of whom have interests and ambitions and, in a sense, are unbridled and will cross one’s path. This can lead to many complications and opportunities for friction or interference if care is not taken, so immediately one must begin to learn the rules of the road, so to speak—how to be a good citizen, how to fit in, while still serving the self to grow, learn, and expand with a strong desire to do so without limitation. So a large aspect of that learning will be reacting to consequences of the need to make a course correction as a result of getting feedback from other beings who might find fault with what you are doing, and how you are doing it, and seek to offer guidance in how to be more effective, in a balanced way, without causing discord and disarray that will affect others and lead to difficulties and problems that will inevitably become your responsibility to rebalance and restore.

There is much learning needed about one’s purpose, one’s role in things, and the overall agenda of the big picture, essentially the entirety of creation when it comes to the light being, who has a broad reach, and not a physical human confined to one’s own planet and heavily constrained by the fragile nature of the body, with limited mobility, and the many other constraints of physical existence. So that learning, in the case of human, must start quickly and if that is not feasible, which truly is the case for human infants, there must be quite an extensive period of time during which the young must be protected from outside negative influences, as well as from the infant’s own impulses, as they begin to gain mobility and can get themselves into trouble if not watched closely. So while the circumstances differ greatly between physical human and the light being, having a sense of proportion, that humility earned through experience, is all-important to stay within the boundary of expectations, areas of responsibility agreed on from both ends—your Creator and your self—and this will lead to a well-functioning environment, even one as vast as the universe as a whole.