DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolA viewer asks: “Would it be useful or relevant to address in the Lightworker Healing Protocol all artificial weather and modifications (like the coronavirus and plagues) by the interlopers on planet Earth and solar system and clear our paths from all types ofdistractions from our soul mission, asking to receive guidance to find the correct people, books, songs, videos and situations for our maximum growth and to fulfill our life mission?”
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

These ideas and potential requests are already included in the broad requests of the Lightworker Healing Protocol. It accomplishes all of the above by bringing divine energy into play to make all of the limitations exhibited by humans healable, and this is done by providing whatever might be needed in the form of love energy to right the wrongs they have experienced, causing a deficit and a decline of function in some respect. There are many avenues for upliftment of humans and this is a routine benefit of partnering with the divine. These things need not be spelled out explicitly as there are many, many others as well. And so, to create a short list of benefits will be more of a constraint than an advantage because it may limit what the divine realm can do, by ignoring many other possibilities this practitioner might not be envisioning in the moment but might be perfectly suitable for a particular client’s dilemma. But with having to follow a strict set of solutions, the divine realm might hesitate to overstep the charter given and be creative on its own.

This is always a potential trade-off to be thinking about. It is important to have a good understanding of the Protocol, especially with an eye towards perceiving how many of the requests are non-specific, but thereby broad in scope and can encompass many, many possible variations of healing in the way it can be applied—that is an advantage, not a lack. The more such categories become defined with a string of examples, the more the intention of the practitioner becomes focused on that string of examples alone and then the divine realm’s hands are tied in being only able to do those specific examples and nothing more, so this needs to be kept in mind always with changes to the Protocol.