DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaAre there intelligence differences among beings in the light? If there are, do these create any kind of “challenges” among light beings? Or is that only an issue with the human problem of disconnection?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

There are differences among light beings with respect to all manner of capabilities and talents. That is because each soul has a unique degree of expression of the various attributes inherent with their origin as an extension of Creator’s consciousness. No one is deficient, so all have a basic complement of characteristics to contribute to inherent intelligence as well as the means to express a vast array of desires. There will be individual enhancements in being drawn to certain kinds of experiences and expressions that can be considered a kind of soul strength for that individual, their talent in a very meaningful sense because it is their strong suit, so to speak, they can make the most of and be in the vanguard as a kind of leader in often breaking new ground and showing the way for others to gain and exploit the potential inherent in a base capability that all have to some degree, but some souls have in greater measure. It is no different in the case of physical humans where some are inclined to refine their musical sensibilities and talents and others are more drawn to understanding nature and probing its mysteries in a more scientific pursuit.

So rather than be a source of envy and competition, the light beings see the array of uniquely varied soul expressions as entirely a positive because, in effect, what one person does to the level of greatness is something others can take delight in by truly appreciating what it represents in attainment if they have little developed those particular attributes or talents themselves. This provides a rich variety of delights that are actually a source of entertainment and an enhancement for their life experience to simply share in knowing the possibilities if not doing it themselves, but it can be the inspiration in some way for their own next big idea through a cross-fertilization which often occurs among practitioners of differing disciplines. Their specialization in leading them in certain directions may uncover knowledge that can be capitalized on by someone in a completely different field seeing there is a parallel and an important application to something of interest to them and their pursuits and can borrow the idea and use it to good advantage. This interplay is a source of endless growth, delight, and satisfaction enjoyed by the light beings.

The same would be true in the physical realm of the human being were it not for the corruption of the interlopers to make everything difficult, uncertain, and limited through causing so much strife and needless selfish motives inherent in the competitive nature of the human experience. This has its seeds in the inner corruption and selfishness of the interlopers themselves.