DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaAsking a stranger or acquaintance out on a date is arguably a form of “uninvited intervention” bordering on interference. Yet, for much of history, men were encouraged to pursue this “outreach” and women were encouraged, and even coached, to be tolerant, even to an extreme at times. That is all changing now with today’s young people. Even approaching the opposite extreme of considering even a single humble proposition, a form of “violent assault.” Can Creator comment?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

There is certainly greater complexity in interpersonal exchanges mandated by the cultural milieu grown greatly distorted because of all the manipulation of the broad culture through the many interventions done to perturb human beings directly, by instilling false beliefs and expectations within the deep subconscious, often a bullying of them to make them hypersensitive to any perceived slight or being approached seen as a threat. The interlopers, who manipulate the deep subconscious of human beings, will be able to see their past karmic trauma as well and often will ramp up inner fear, anger, and other negative emotions by triggering greater awareness of past difficulties and carry out a propaganda campaign to convince the person they are unworthy, they are flawed, or that they are vulnerable and will be attacked and exploited just like it has happened over and over in other lifetimes. And this will make the person very oversensitive to an overture by someone of the opposite sex and lead to great difficulty with interpersonal relationships, because the overtures from others may well be misconstrued as a threat, and this can get a war going or harm to others unjustly accused of taking liberties that were not truly intentional. This unseen element is quite a scourge in everyday life at all levels.