DWQA QuestionsCategory: Problems in SocietyCan Creator share how prayer work and the Lightworker Healing Protocol can help us create a better and more balanced collective future for all, that preserves some of the benefits of suburban living while mitigating and even eliminating most of its adverse effects?
Nicola Staff asked 7 months ago

In a world of great inequality, there are many things that need to change in fundamental ways. That is always the hardest to achieve; in throwing off a bad practice with evil origin that has become a cultural norm and rewards a certain class of individuals at the expense of others, there will be powerful resistance to change such an idea because those with power are the beneficiaries. There needs to be an opening of minds and hearts to feel a kind of empathy for those who suffer from the inequities inherent in the system. Only an act of compassion through a higher awareness will allow any kind of change to occur. In a normal world, that would happen through the inherent goodness and spiritual alignment of the majority of humans in residence. But the world is heavily corrupted through ongoing manipulation, power, and control by the interlopers who have corrupted your government and your institutions, to keep humans suppressed in their thinking and complacent and insensitive to the suffering of others.

As long as people have a bare minimum, they are accustomed to expecting little more. That is not a prescription for throwing off the chains of oppression or a true renaissance in an awakening that greater possibilities can be brought into existence through an up-swelling of desire. With the creation of fertile environments for creative change, and bold innovative thinking to try new strategies, and allowing a wholesale change in the organization and objectives of Earth’s institutions to break with hidebound tradition and create new paradigms and reward systems to encourage creativity and imagination to raise everything up to new heights—that could be done within a generation in the absence of outside manipulation.

So how will that happen when you are not in control to begin with? You cannot vote in a new government and have the expectation anything will change for the better. It will change the names and faces but the same games will continue—the same tried and true diversions and manipulations and unfair practices. You need divine help to break out of your cages and create a new world from top to bottom built on freedom and true equality and fairness. This will require a sea change in human thinking and perspectives because you have been subjugated for so long and have been rendered complacent in having low expectations for human betterment. The divine help you can access is fully up to the challenge here, to right the wrongs of the past and transform things into a vastly greater existence. That cannot happen until the problem of evil is solved; it is standing squarely in your path and it controls you. That can only be eased through divine intervention to bring healing of sufficient magnitude for those who oppress you, that there can be enough of a shift in their intentions to allow something better to begin happening.

The first order of business is to achieve a withdrawal of the dark extraterrestrials from your realm, and then removal through a healing enterprise to engage with and raise up the dark spirit influence that has corrupted everything. When this has successfully enabled a divine outreach to start them on a better path, then humanity, at long last, will have enough freedom in the range of possibilities that healing can begin in earnest for the tremendous backlog of karmic wounding that has accumulated through the ages of continued oppression. You have existed more as slaves than as free human beings. You all share that slave mentality of low expectations and meager belief in yourselves, let alone an awareness of and belief in the divine realm as part of your heritage and potential. That is your destiny, to once again rise to those heights. That cannot happen with evil in your way. The healing will only happen if you request it. It is a test of you in fact to see: “Will you do it? Will you awaken and awaken enough of your brethren to join you in the effort of requesting divine assistance to begin this transformation and bring you back from the brink of annihilation to regain strength, overcome your oppression, and initiate a new dawning era of enlightenment, through healing the wounds of the past to at long last return to your true potential that has been denied you for thousands of years of enslavement by these interlopers corrupting you through evil to settle for less and live in a state of diminishment?” That can all change if you choose for it to happen and take action. It will only happen at your direct request. We are waiting to see what you choose and whether you can do your part and live up to the promise inherent in your creation—to be change agents in solving the problem of evil—that will benefit the entire universe and change the destiny of everyone and everything within it.