DWQA QuestionsCategory: HealingCan Creator share how prayer work and the Lightworker Healing Protocol can help us heal trauma, as well as help us acquire the wisdom needed to cope with potentially traumatic circumstances successfully?
Nicola Staff asked 3 years ago
Healing is the key to anything gained by a person. If you think about your lot in life, your station, your level of affluence, degree of experience, and knowledge base, it is not simply aptitude. Humans were not created to be something in particular, so we cannot create a certain number of accountants, a certain number of teachers, a certain number of mechanics, a certain number of scientists, and so on. We created souls with myriad potentials and characteristics with varying intensities among the many qualities and nuances of possibility. When you launch into existence with an incarnation, you reconnect to the akashic records of all that has happened before in your soul journey and this will automatically give you benefits and liabilities. There will be good karmic potentials in play waiting to resume interacting with you, and there will be many negative karmic influences that have been on hold during a time in the light, awaiting your return into the physical plane. Once you reconnect through the Law of Karma with the akashic records, it will be an ongoing influence and, indeed, your very physical makeup and gene expression patterns will have been preplanned to match the karmic imperatives you will contend with for the incarnation, and this will set you up to re-experience prior difficulties. So you have an opportunity to work on them again with the hope of making gains, but with the potential risk of adding to the problems and then making a harder future come into being. This is the essence of the life journey; it is largely about keeping one's head above water and making as many gains as one can with the goal of reaching dry land one day and being safe and whole in a complete sense. This is the healing journey representing enlightenment, a return to divine alignment with the light such that all weakness, all liability, all that needs a healing intervention is addressed, and brings into focus why healing is the number one objective of life, as well as priority. If not seen to, people will fall by the wayside rather quickly because they will be overwhelmed by their karmic backlog and succumb to illness or other destructive circumstances at a young age. The Lightworker Healing Protocol, as well as prayer, to provide a kind of basal foundation of well-being, are your ticket to happiness and success in the current life and a robust return with future incarnations to hit the ground running and be even more successful in the next go-around to reach even loftier goals and accomplishments. Because the healing gains from the life here now will help you advance to a higher starting point and a much more rapid soul journey, achieving your divine mission and graduating to a glorious future expansion, as planned by Creator, is within your grasp if you choose to act now.