DWQA QuestionsCategory: HealingWisdom is another commodity widely prayed for. Is this something the divine can impart directly, or does the divine favor a more experiential acquisition and use the prayer intentions to guide the soul to opportunities to learn the needed lessons directly? If both occur, when is the direct imparting of wisdom more likely to be utilized, and is such a direct upgrade temporary or permanent?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

In effect, wisdom is the awareness of what it means to be in alignment and know when something takes you out of alignment with the divine, as well as how to navigate so one can return to stay in the optimum mode of being. Normally, that is acquired through life experience, and that maturity and seasoning truly equips a person to be the pilot of their ship, so to speak, because they will know how to navigate and what path to choose, how to proceed, and plan all the myriad details of what is necessary to conduct one’s life along the way while on the grand journey itself.

Life is complicated and filled with hazards and sources of impairment and negativity being applied as an attack on you from interlopers working against humanity, both individually and collectively, thus the challenge to make one’s way successfully. Wisdom is the key. It cannot be imparted even by the divine realm in advance, and in fact, this would undercut the purpose of life, which is to gain wisdom about more and more circumstances and opportunities to learn about new things, to expand through new possibilities that might become quite demanding and challenging due to their complexity and level of difficulty. This is what makes life worth living, after all. Once everything has been tried, it becomes “old hat,” and life can become stagnant and boring. People look for the novel and want a certain degree of spontaneity because this adds a variety and makes life interesting and stimulating. You were created to be in that mode, so what this means is you are designed to create your existence as you go, using that inner desire as a motivation and your divinity as the source of energy, intelligence, and a growing wisdom database, so to speak, to work with.

Wisdom is gained along the way through life experience, largely. To impart that would short-circuit your own learning, and rob you of the opportunity to discover things on your own, and to take credit for your advancement and your gains in capability, much in the same way championship sports teamwork wins accolades and trophies from a championship contest they take part in, because of all the prior hard work and struggles along the way to create a track record of success. It is not something all will be able to experience because it is a demanding goal to begin with, and only a few reach that tier through their efforts. So wisdom can be offered in the form of inspiration to consider a better choice, better idea, a better strategy that might not be in the person’s awareness at the moment, but what is needed for them to overcome an obstacle and advance further. If that is listened to and embraced, it becomes life experience. So in that way, even a divine assist is a kind of life experience in the end, and not an exception to the idea that wisdom comes from life experience and for a reason. This is why people are not the sum total of all they have been taught, they are the sum total of all they have lived, and that applies to any skill, including their quotient of wisdom they have gained.