DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human PotentialWe have learned that prodigies not in service to the darkness or Extraterrestrial Alliance are often mercilessly attacked. We have further learned that this often explains why many prodigies have addiction problems. Does this KNOWN hazard reduce the number of volunteer prodigies willing to participate in the Divine Human Project?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

This is not a consciously chosen role to play in planning an incarnation. By and large, people are not planning on having a restricted life but perhaps compensated by having a prodigious talent that gives them a reward and helps them obtain some security because they will have something of value with which to make a living, for example. The prodigy usually has a life plan in alignment with the particular talent that does emerge, so it is in reference to an intention prior to coming down into the physical that such individuals turn out to be an artist, musician, composer or a singer, or do some other advanced work. What happens is there is an extra measure of protection from diminishment that sets them apart, so when they connect to their talent it is more robust and complete than for the average person connecting to various soul attributes that might be needed and of great value in carrying out a life plan.

Many come down to be performers of one sort or another because this is of value. It helps sustain humans and makes life tolerable so they have something besides the drudgery of work to bring delight and upliftment. This is what the arts contribute and why they are so prized and appreciated by many—they are bringing a reminder of the divine and stirring within each viewer and listener, as the case may be, an inner awareness of divine truth, so what they are offering will be seen for what it is, as something truly special.

Occasionally, there is a plan to give extra protection in order for artists to excel and gain a great following. This is very much akin to those showing talent for leadership to be a spiritual icon, a great humanitarian who inspires mass movements that turn out to make a tremendous contribution, not only to many individuals who benefit from the good works but society as a whole in being reminded about why you are here in the first place and what is possible when people come together in common cause to achieve acts of greatness. What you see on display in the varying levels of ability are shaped more by the karma of the individual than individuals getting special privileges to be the cream of the crop and to dominate their field by virtue of prodigious talent. It is always the case there is a karmic opportunity created because of prior service, prior achievements, and this allows those individuals to have an edge, to have a commanding grasp and mastery of talent to be expressed, and will do so to advantage because they have the innate physicality, the physical equipment, and perhaps an attractive appearance and other personal attributes that make them a charismatic figure, all of which enable them to excel, achieve wide recognition and acclaim, allowing them to become superstars in their field. This again is a divine plan to maintain public awareness of the possibilities inherent within. The arts represent a series of languages, means of expressing divine love, and each has its intricacies and demands as well as an infinite potential for variety. That is all in keeping with the divine origin of the human soul and its makeup having endless potential and many, many talents and capabilities to work with.

Many such planned mission lives are aborted for any number of reasons, often because of hardship that is met with, and in fact much of that is orchestrated to happen deliberately, by the interlopers who will see the karmic history of each new life and for those who have had talent and wide acclaim in the past, many roadblocks will be sent their way and people manipulated to attack and belittle them while young. This will present a lifelong headwind with repeated obstacles intending to discourage their progress, and many fall by the wayside or are corrupted by being enticed to indulge in drugs or alcohol or both, and this will be arranged deliberately to happen to see if such talented individuals can be sidelined. There is a very large influence of manipulation done wholesale of human society that is unappreciated and unseen by the average person, but it explains much about life’s difficulties and why things are so slow to change for the better.

There is a deliberate worsening always underway and this is applied on the individual level as well because that is the most effective of all. People can ignore the suffering of others but their own suffering will be more of a challenge to deal with if they are bullied or attacked relentlessly and come to believe in their frailty, and that life is dangerous and unfair, and become intimidated and give in to the thinking of the naysayers who try to hold them down. It may well succeed, and so the best-laid plans in the divine realm fail to come to fruition. It is a lucky few who maintain enough spiritual alignment who become successful with the exception of some talented people who are recruited by the darkness to serve dark purposes. They, too, need their entertainers and their court jesters, so to speak, so there will always be a mix of talented people serving appetites of all kinds.