DWQA QuestionsCategory: Limiting BeliefsCan you give us an overview about the origins and mechanisms of using racial prejudice and fear as a tool to harm human progress?
Nicola Staff asked 6 months ago

Racism is a concept introduced by extraterrestrial interlopers. They created, through genetic manipulation of the human genome, the various races in existence today. This was not Creator’s plan but it has created an opportunity for the extraterrestrials to capitalize on the physical differences and attributes of the various races, to create disorder and complicate human society by driving a wedge between the races to cause fear, suspicion, dislike, and even hatred. People inherently are drawn to their own group of friends, their own clan, the people whom they live with and share a community, and to be suspicious of outsiders until they become better acquainted. This is hard-won experience through the centuries when the appearance of foreigners was often a war party consisting of marauders or an invading army, intent on destruction and theft of property along with the taking of slaves as trophies. Such horrendous experiences harden people to expect the worst of outsiders, anyone who is outside the clan.

When people are separated geographically who also have physical differences setting them apart, it is all the more straightforward to create circumstances to arouse suspicion and mistrust and animosity. This is still true today and is on display on a regular basis with the tension between nation-states who are chronically poised to take military action against one another as a reprisal for perceived overstepping of boundaries or other wrongdoing. This is simply an extension of the idea of creating divisions and warring factions. This is the main strategy of the interlopers and it is being applied on all levels of society with the battle of the sexes, the tensions among generations based on age, differences in ethnic background, national origin, and of course, race, the subject of discussion here. All have been and are being used to create divisions, ramp up tension and stress, and create conflict and if possible, chaos in society.

The overall scheme of the interlopers is to drag down humanity in as many ways as can be arranged, and there is no better or more tried-and-true strategy than to induce humans to fight one another over perceived wrongdoing. Racist ideas are inculcated by a subliminal mind control manipulation to create suspicion, doubts about motives, character, trustworthiness, and reliability. This is directed at both black and white members of society, and members of other races as well, in as many ways as are practical, based on historical circumstances. Old grievances are perpetuated, new grievances are created as frequently as possible, to add to the bad blood. This is why racism does not simply fade away, even though it is illogical and goes against the inherent nature of the divine human.

But keep in mind this is a strategy of the interlopers who are sociopaths, and they know how to manipulate human feelings and opinions. Human beings are love-based, but also vulnerable and will feel keenly, being disparaged, being disliked, being dishonored, and will want to create a backlash to counter the efforts directed at them and may well carry out acts of physical violence to defend their honor. The fact that this happens with regularity does not mean it is a human characteristic per se, only that people can be manipulated to carry out such acts and are therefore vulnerable to being manipulated and losing self-control in developing extremes of emotion, even directed in an irrational way towards a perceived adversary.

Both blacks, and whites in particular, are heavily manipulated to reinforce prejudice against one another for all sorts of things that have historically been believed, and new things added along with shifts in cultural norms to keep the game going despite a greater level of sophistication in today’s world. Even with all the manipulation done, humans still maintain enough inner alignment, and through power of free will, the good judgment to rein in their prejudices most of the time to do what is right in giving people the benefit of the doubt, and offering common courtesy, with basic acceptance and fair treatment. Many times, things will go well and even friendships develop over time that transcend prior difficulties and create quite a barrier to rekindling the old fears and animosities, because people through direct experience have outlived the usefulness of old prejudiced ideas. When that happens, the interlopers must find new talking points and potential grievances to stir up trouble. But this is not difficult when it is done covertly and people are simply not aware they are under attack and being manipulated, and there can be many misunderstandings generated, as well as more overt acts of being inconsiderate, disrespectful, neglectful, that will start inner suspicions going. And this can feed old inner beliefs that are, in effect, dormant, to be ramped up with emotion behind them and then things deteriorate.

This is what you face in today’s world, the legacy of mind control programming to create many hair triggers on racial questions that can set off renewed friction, with the consequential development of suspicion, mistrust, resentment, and eventually hatred, if no attempts are made to stop the progression. So what is systemic is a bias in thinking that is present within all races about many differing issues and perspectives that create perfect conditions for generating misunderstandings and conflicts, and fit together like a hand in glove to create a path to a war between the races. As such, it is entirely artificial. People are being duped, and if they give in to their impulses with any kind of perceived racial discrimination, this will light a fuse that may be unstoppable in escalating things to a very serious level with many dire consequences for the progress of humanity. It is time for humanity to take a close hard look at how people have been manipulated on the issue of race and what this has done to create the current circumstances of hatred and mistrust that are frequently escalating into acts of civil unrest and violence. No good will come of it. That is exactly what is intended to happen. The interlopers are celebrating your self-destruction.