DWQA QuestionsCategory: Limiting BeliefsYou have told us that “Racism will not end until people can surrender the need for such beliefs.” Can you explain how prayer work and the Lightworker Healing Protocol can help us heal the problem of racism, given this difficulty?
Nicola Staff asked 8 months ago

It is true that the problem of incorporated beliefs, including racist notions, become a considerable liability, especially because the divine realm cannot abrogate free will choices of human beings. So when they think and act on the basis of beliefs that are racist in nature, the choice to do so must be honored by the divine realm even though it is hugely destructive when directed towards others who become victims, as well as for the self. And those who do so are, in effect, digging a grave for themselves through accumulating serious negative karma that will bring them no end of trouble in the future because of the need to make a repayment for all that they have caused in the way of harm. So far, karma alone has not done the job of producing a self-correction, a righting of the ship, but that is only because there is a wildcard in play, and that is the deliberate intervention of the interlopers to keep instilling racist ideas in people. So the lessons cannot be learned and persist for long because people will be manipulated again and again and again, to war with one another based on racial differences, and if it is not started by one party it will be started by the other, and this will resurrect the old war as though no learning of lessons has ever happened.

What is needed is very, very, deep healing that can work on the problem around the edges, and systematically peel away the layers that have contributed in setting the stage for the problem to develop and become instilled, and then all of the consequences resulting in harm, to receive healing. This will take away the worsening that normally would escalate things and worsen them over the years. So this reduces the size of the problem. There are two aspects. If beliefs are there of a racist nature, the beliefs cannot be simply changed without the individual’s direct permission. The next best thing is to undo the harm it has caused, and in that regard, in effect it takes away the major consequences of the problem, because then the poison is confined to the individual harboring those beliefs. But the others who may have been hurt by their racist rhetoric or actions will have received healing, so the racists are only harming themselves by holding false beliefs and low intentions, and the act of causing harm means there will be a debt to pay for them in the future to rebalance things because they are literally throwing the universe out of alignment to some degree by their thoughts and actions. So prayer and the Lightworker Healing Protocol, both, give the divine realm permission through direct requests to address these distortions of thinking, and the corrupting influence of subconscious programming, the relentless propaganda being directed subliminally at all human beings on an ongoing basis. This healing outreach is providing alternatives.

People can decide to not act on their beliefs. That is the first step towards healing, and that will have tremendous benefit to the world as a whole. If every racist confined their racism to their thoughts alone and not their words and deeds, the world would change overnight. Those individuals might die as racists, technically, because their beliefs are still being held within. But if not acted on, they will not be harming the broader world. That is all that needs to happen, and under normal circumstances, racism would simply die out as those people passed on and were not actively handing down their beliefs to others, so to speak, by contaminating their offspring with their poisonous thoughts and giving active demonstrations of racist thought that could be a model to others, or incite people to create a backlash that would fan the flames and break out into a more severe kind of contest that would harden opinions and create new negative beliefs about the whole matter of race. So the healing by these strategies will go a long way to solving the problem, even if it cannot overturn beliefs themselves that are racist. If the consequences of the beliefs are prevented, the world will be changed for the better.

Ultimately, what must happen is that the perpetrators who created racism in the first place, and are manipulating humans to have their passions ramped up and to become overly sensitive to issues of race, and to see racist motives where none may actually exist because they are being manipulated to misinterpret what they experience, and to blame things on race that are not appropriate, those interlopers whose dark influences make things worse must receive enough divine outreach and healing for them to stand down and stop their games. That will allow humans to truly heal and fully heal in a much more straightforward and pain-free fashion. This will prevent the roller-coaster ride you’ve seen working its way through history, when there are gains and then losses again, as racist ideas come and go and are passed around and rear up in some places and then are over, but sprout again anew in a neighboring country, for example, and then might be exported to others. This is a consequence of the manipulation to keep these ideas current and build in momentum. This is not natural among the divine human community, left to its own devices. There must be some kind of manipulation to impair judgment and override common sense. But that is the power of subliminal programming, to go directly into the deep subconscious and into the beliefs themselves to reshape, in effect, the operating instructions for human beings to be changed, and then the person will operate with a dysfunctional belief system and there will be adverse consequences.

Healing the perpetrators will allow the whole world to change, and quickly, and is the best route to improvements that will last. You can heal all the people you want to, but the Extraterrestrial Alliance will re-create racist thoughts and manipulate people into mistrusting one another, and creating points of friction, and this will grow into conflict eventually, and then the world will be back where it started, in the grip of racial tension, race riots, and even a possible race war.