DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine GuidanceCan you give us some guidance to share with practitioners and clients about discussing Get Wisdom and the Lightworker Healing Protocol with friends and family?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

It is unrealistic to expect that people hearing the story of Get Wisdom out of the blue will necessarily have their jaws drop, fall to their knees, and embrace the revelation as akin to the Second Coming. You must keep in mind no one trusts anyone else because all have been programmed to be highly skeptical and quite cynical about anything unusual that does not fit a very mainstream, prosaic, down to earth explanation. Anything connected with spirituality, anything connected with the paranormal, and anything connected with extraterrestrials will trigger almost everyone to close their minds and walk away—if not run.

This is simply the nature of the current reality that the pervasiveness of mind control programming is such that the people around you will have been co-opted by its influence for years and years by this point. It is quite disheartening and shocking to those who undergo a spiritual awakening, for example, or who stumble on definitive analysis of hidden truths and find the revelations believable and seeming to be long-sought answers to puzzles they have pondered for years and, coming to accept them, will be quite disappointed when their friends and loved ones simply discount their newfound wisdom and ideas as being misguided, a source of embarrassment at best, and a serious concern about their judgment and even sanity at worst.

This is simply further validation of all we have been saying about the problem humanity faces. It is not only working in the dark against great odds and great opposition, humans are programmed to disregard the signs, to misinterpret much of what happens in front of them and come to exactly the wrong conclusions, and to corrupt one another further by reinforcing old prejudices and seeking to cling together, much like a herd cowering from a nearby lightning strike, and then will be helpless to take a new direction or to embrace new thinking. It simply cannot happen because the people have been programmed to completely disregard information on such topics. It will likely not make a dent in their thinking. You will witness them pause as if they are pondering what they are told but then they will go back to what they are doing or change the subject as though the exchange never happened, even though ordinarily they would not do something that could be seen as rude or insensitive to someone posing a question or an issue seeking their impressions.

So what we are saying is, the concern being raised is to be expected, sadly, and there is little one can do other than healing work for those individuals who are blind to new information that explains the inconsistencies of life and offers new answers and a new direction for humanity. It is sorely needed and, in fact, is critical for human survival. Yet with people being closed down, in effect, and refractory to the influence of new information or guidance, there is a daunting challenge facing you to be a change agent under such difficult circumstances. This is why the most effort must be made with those people still awake enough to respond to an outreach, become intrigued, look at the information and evidence for themselves, and then perhaps arrive at a similar conclusion there is something to this story of great importance, and then be motivated to take up the cause themselves to join and participate in some way to support the effort on behalf of humanity.

That is likely the best you will do for some time, until the benefits of much greater healing work and collective prayers begin to turn the tide, then you will see more and more people reawaken and be open to examining the message we are bringing forward and then joining forces themselves. Until that turning point is reached, there will be many and, in fact, percentage-wise, most of the people you know who will be complacent and uninterested altogether in our teachings. They may listen for a while as a gesture of kindness towards you and wishing to consider your feelings and your fervent entreaty to hear their story, but it will be a token gesture and will not have an impact so, in the end, you will be just as frustrated.

The key here is to not become so disheartened that you abandon the cause yourselves. That would be a grievous error and a tremendous loss to the cause of the divine, to help the divine human to rise up from its subjugation and take charge of human destiny directly, and forcefully, and effectively, to throw off the chains, overcome the suppression, the mind manipulation, the co‑opting of human institutions, the corruption, the many evil acts done to undermine individuals including the shortening and termination of their lives directly. This is a very large wrong needing to be righted. It can only be done by human beings.

The best you can do is to test the waters. It is best in terms of personal security, safety, comfort level, and need to fit in, to go slow, to seek opportunities for talking one-on-one rather than in a group of individuals because the odds heavily favor not all will be open, if any, to your message. But taking people aside one by one and posing some theoretical questions to them and asking them, “What if something strange is going on here? What if it’s true that there are sinister forces at work? What if there is a need for humans to do something but are being held back some way in a fog of complacency and inability to consider explanations that are unconventional?” And so forth. You will quickly see if the person you are speaking with is at all open to the unconventional and can be drawn out further, and by moving forward slowly, you will more likely than not reach a point where they begin to resist and you will hit a wall you cannot go beyond. At that point, you, in effect, are done. There is little more you can do.

Occasionally, you will find someone still open to learning about what is truly happening and will be able to ponder the evidence and make up their own mind because they happen to be riding the waves and are above the fray, most likely because they are in spiritual alignment and are being protected from the worst of the programming. In this way, you may find some individuals within your circle who you are able to confide in, but even that may be denied. It will be true for most people that they will find themselves isolated from their friends and loved ones with respect to their belief in the scenario we have been describing about the interlopers and the corruption of humanity and its deep, deep karmic roots. If those who care and are open become active as healers, it will hasten the day when more will be awakened and then the movement will grow more substantially.

There needs to be as many people as possible using the Lightworker Healing Protocol to do a mass outreach with healing for all involved in this enterprise including, and especially so, the perpetrators among the extraterrestrials. They are the most immediate threat. The dark spirits have been ever-present and a constant scourge, but have more limited power than the physical extraterrestrials in your world. They need to be the first order of business and this must be done by the divine realm but will not be taken care of without human requests in sufficient number with corresponding belief quotient to make them actionable.

We have told you many times that this is feasible to accomplish. It is the destiny of human to overcome this difficulty. The only question is whether it will be done sooner or later? At the moment, the issue has widened to be one where things will be decided very, very soon or not for a very, very long time, perhaps millennia with a restart of things altogether. The latter would be most unfortunate given the tremendous investment that has been made through many centuries by all of the human lightworkers trying, again and again, to forge ahead and make inroads, to plant seeds for growth and enlightenment and attempt to make the world a better place as best they could. Never before have the conditions been as favorable as they are today with regard to the level of understanding among those involved with the Get Wisdom Project.

Heretofore it has been more the awareness that the divine is a real force and people are being called to step up and do acts of loving kindness, but without a real understanding or focus in how to best do this, and in ignorance most of the time about the deeper issues they are facing because of the clandestine nature of the Extraterrestrial Alliance and its operation and, in particular, the collaboration with the dark spirit realm. So the answers are truly supernatural that are needed here. One, to eliminate the dark spirits from the ability to influence people directly and undermine them, and secondly, to do enough karmic repair and healing to raise up the physical extraterrestrials enough they will change the direst of their plans and allow breathing room for human to catch their breath and work on their own healing more effectively than heretofore has been possible.

Only now are the refined tools available to do this well. The question is whether there will be enough time to have the word spread and people embrace it in large numbers and learn about the Lightworker Healing Protocol and embrace its use in a concerted fashion? That is the challenge to all hearing these words. We are relying on you all to carry forward the truth and to be the change agents to save and heal humanity. We simply cannot do this unilaterally. It will only come in answer to a human outreach and leadership to turn the tide.