DWQA QuestionsCategory: Transition (Crossing Over)Can you help us understand why my client’s father who passed on Christmas day has not yet reached the light? Just before he passed, he sat up in bed and opened his eyes, with a look of horror on his face, then laid back down and was gone. One family member thinks he saw a vision of hell awaiting him. What happened, and why was he unable to reach the light?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

The family member has this partly correct. Her loved one was indeed seeing something horrifying as he was about to pass, but it was not a vision of hell, which does not exist, but the next closest thing, being dark spirit meddlers, the fallen angelic cohort led astray by Lucifer as described in the Scriptures. They are the true face of evil, who possess many people and undermine them because their mindset is one of darkness, discord, anger and hatred. They are old hands at dragging people down to torment them, to terrify the deep subconscious mind that is all on its own below conscious awareness, and this will trigger a stress response and production of many emotions. But without conscious awareness, what this man was experiencing was a blending of consciousness on his way out the door, literally, when he began to wane. And, in fact, he was unconscious prior to his passing, under a state of siege by spirits who possessed him. As his conscious mind was surrendering its link to the physical realm and the body, he was seeing more clearly what the deep subconscious was worrying about, as can happen during nightmares, and he regained conscious awareness briefly, with a recall of what was just taking place. Hence, the startled and horrified look on his face when his transition continued, because it was indeed his time to leave. His breathing and heart stopped, and his consciousness exited the body with the spirit meddlers in tow, and they continued their tormenting and manipulations of his spirit, and this kept him off balance. He was functioning at such a low vibration, he was unable to see the light callers sent to greet him and escort him back home to the light. So he floundered, being on his own and without resources to save himself. He was under a state of siege and off-balance and the impairment was too great for him to understand what was truly happening, other than its nightmarish quality.

So the Spirit Rescue done for him was quite timely in minimizing the suffering and provided enough healing to raise him up in vibration and get him back on track, so he could connect to those reaching out to him and be encouraged further, and that was just what was needed. The dark spirits have been removed through your work with the Lightworker Healing Protocol and gave him a new state of calm in that earthbound lower astral plane. So that even though in limbo, he was not faced with constant torment and this allowed the healing to take effect, to raise him up and get things started so he could eventually see and respond to the outreach and make his way back home. He is very blessed and knows it, and wants his family to know he is safe now and loves them dearly. He wants them to reflect on and remember the lesson of this, to appreciate their own spiritual nature, and to prepare themselves for moving on one day by knowing there is a heaven, but it is up to them to get there. It will not be hard if they have enough belief and are looking forward to a glorious future that is actually an advancement in circumstances and can be celebrated rather than feared, and he will greet them when they are ready to leave. There is no rush, but it is good to keep one’s awareness of how they are doing spiritually, because things can happen even quite suddenly. So what he is saying is not to spend one’s life preparing for death, but to make life itself further preparation to continue the journey no matter the circumstances, so it is just preparation for the next chapter that needs to be done and can truly be anticipated with joy and even excitement when one is truly ready, having accomplished what they desired with their life especially, and not fear what comes next but know it will be a wonderful new beginning, not an end.