DWQA QuestionsCategory: Transition (Crossing Over)A client asked us to check on a woman who committed suicide by jumping in front of a commuter train seven years ago, and we found she was still earthbound and not in the light. Some believe suicide is a mortal sin. Can you help us understand what led to her death and her failure to transition fully?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

Suicide is not in divine alignment unless it is truly escaping an impossible situation of such pain and suffering it becomes the lesser of evils in safeguarding the soul. Short of such extremes, it is an obligation to work on things and do the best one can to overcome even an extreme state of diminishment creating terrible consequences, as with extreme poverty, victimization, or poor health leaving a person compromised severely, and so on. Most such circumstances have a karmic origin, meaning they are occurring as a projection into the current life of prior difficulties not fully dealt with, and they are simply coming around again to challenge the person. This is done not to keep someone down but give them an opportunity for learning and growth to overcome prior challenges and improve themselves in the doing. It does not always work out that way, but that is the purpose of the system through the Law of Karma.

When people give up their own life because they cannot cope with their life circumstances seeming so horrific to them, the danger is that they will return in a new incarnation and be right back in the same situation again and be led to the brink of despair, making them suicidal yet again. Theoretically, that could happen over and over until a person resolves those energies in a way to rebalance things by arranging healing to happen rather than piling on greater pain and suffering with each go-round. This is not a punishment decreed by God but, in effect, as self-punishment through poor choices that will come about automatically, through the Law of Karma. It is the great leveler, and sees that whatever energy you add into the Universe will circle back to you one day as blessings and rewards if you are creating positive karma, such as acts of loving kindness with positive energy being created, or it may bring around a similar or even worse circumstance to cause great suffering and loss, and become intolerable, as in situations driving people to consider suicide. This is certainly the most compelling of all wake-up calls, to be faced with a life that has become intolerable. It is a call to action in disguise because many will lack the wherewithal to be able to see they still have choices they can make, no matter how desperate the situation might appear.

That is why we see such dilemmas as life lessons that build character and strength through taking on the challenge and surmounting it, unless that proves to be impossible. It is unfortunate that with failure to find a way forward, other than to take one’s own life, a person is surrendering to the negativity and it can become quite a serious liability to compromise their future. Such individuals, because of their low vibration are rarely in a position to obtain divine assistance even through prayer, because they will not believe in themselves enough for the divine to help them meaningfully, even if they continue believing in a higher power. Most lack both capabilities, and it will leave them, in effect, on their own and then the tragedy ensues. The irony is that they may get their wish to escape, but will be surprised to find themselves tumbling in the dark in a state of oblivion that does not end, as they were expecting. Their suffering will continue, their state of anguish and fear has not been resolved after all, simply by leaving the body. They will lose their normal senses and much of their access to memory, but will be quite unhappy still and will lack inner resources to recover and regain a greater awareness of the possibilities for making their way forward.

They truly need to return to heaven to regroup, to have of life review, and in-depth discussion with those in the light who will help them make sense of all that happened and begin to prepare them for another lifetime eventually. They will get a breather, and it is a blessing to have a respite where they can be in bliss with Creator and restore themselves from experiencing the profound disconnection of being in the physical plane of earth, feeling so alone and helpless. So all of these things took place for this hapless individual, who was driven to suicide, wanting to escape her life, and jumped from the frying pan into the fire because things turned out to be much worse. She was set upon and then preyed on relentlessly, without letup for all the years she was in limbo. She needed an advocate to speak for her to escape from her diminishment and be raised up again. She was completely unable to mount such thoughts on her own with any conviction, other than being desperate to escape her tormentors. She lacked the wherewithal to mount coherent thoughts, even of a higher power and the possibility of divine grace being bestowed to rescue her. That is the beauty of a practitioner using the Lightworker Healing Protocol, who can step in and be an advocate for an unfortunate soul who becomes lost in a hopeless situation. There is always a path forward that is possible, but people are not always aware of this and they need someone to step forward and speak for them, and arrange something good to happen to overcome the negativity they are mired in, like a prison.

This is a cautionary tale for all who would consider suicide as an answer for their troubles. If it is ill-considered, it may simply be a gateway to an even worse state of being, and even having gone through that, if they are rescued by someone finally noticing them and taking pity and arranging for it to happen, when they incarnate in the future they may well find themselves compelled, through the Law of Karma, to go back through a loss of strength, belief in the divine, and in themselves, and start the cycle all over again. This is a great lesson for all about making good choices in one’s life about everything one does, because it all matters, it all counts, and it will shape your future, not only in your current life from day to day, but projecting out into future incarnations as well. So, in a sense, you are building a bigger and more prolonged future than you think.

Now that she has been rescued, she will have her awareness returned to her about all the divine principles of needing to be in alignment and what happens when you are not, which she knew full well when she was last in the light, but lost sight of as a physical human. This is common, through the disconnected state you experience during incarnation. In her planning for her future adventures, she will also be aware that the healing done for her in the course of her rescue has done much to lessen the karmic debts that caused her dilemma in the first place, and this is a greater blessing than the rescue itself, to be, in effect, less vulnerable to such severe circumstances during future incarnations. It is a true bonus from the investment in her welfare made to carry out the healing work. And, in turn, this will benefit others as well because all people who struggle and suffer will drag down others, directly or indirectly, by not being available to be a friend or family member or a loving partner, and that is a loss that is compounded in addition to their personal suffering.